Strategy Tour Of Johan Cruyff Arena: Friday, 11 September 2020

Johan Cruyff Arena is more than just a football stadium. It is an incubator, a knowledge centre and a catalyst for innovations that will shape the city of the future.

The Arena has been committed to sustainability and innovation for years and has won several awards and appreciations over the year. From their solar energy usage to their waste management to their recent award winning energy storage system, it has given itself a target of 2020 to be the most innovative stadium in the world!

Being one of several stadiums to host the Euro 2020 games, the detailed strategy tour through one of Europe’s most innovate and sustainable arenas will allow us to witness first-hand some of the inner mechanics of this exciting, sustainable and innovative arena.

Hosted by the management of the arena itself, this interactive tour will feature a first glance of the newly expanded east side concourse, as well as the world- renowned innovation centre, pitch specifics and energy storage hub.

Strategy Tour leaders:


Sander van Stiphout

Director & Vice President of Projects
Johan Cruyff Arena

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