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View Your Full Event Outline - World Stadium Congress 2019

Back for the 10th year, join us on 20 – 22 May 2019 as we gather the most influential leaders in stadium development and tournament delivery from across the globe.

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The World's #1 event that consistently gathers top global stadium owners, clubs, federations, architects and consultants under one roof will be back in September 2020! Do you want to connect with these industry stakeholders? They have challenges that you can solve - and they want to hear about your solutions....

Whitepapers & Articles

Exclusive Q & A with Collete Roche, COO, Manchester United: Creating Smart Stadiums, Fan Experiences, And The Importance Of Multiple Revenue Generation Sources

In this article, Collete speaks on the importance of smart stadiums, multiple revenue generation sources and creating new and value-filled fan experiences.

‘Smart’ Stadiums, Augmented Reality and Strategic Partnerships - The Future of Stadiums

We spoke with Valencia Club de Fútbol, Real Sociedad and FC Bayern Munich on the importance of creating value-add fan experiences, year round revenue generation and the transition towards ‘smart stadiums’

Leveraging On Technology To Improve Stadium Security And Fan Engagement

In this article, we look at the challenges facing stadium operators in finding a balance between improving fan security while maintaining a good fan experience.

Next-Gen Stadiums: What It Takes To Deliver Tournaments Of The Future

This article looks into the areas of emerging technologies that will revolutionise the way next-generation stadia will look and feel, including: stadium connectivity and fan-focused applications, automatic ticketing, seating innovations, modular infrastructure, advanced security solutions, HVAC technologies and pitch maintenance solutions.

Global new build and retrofit stadia projects

With at least €3.3 billion in new build and retrofit stadia being constructed across Europe alone, 2018 was a pivotal year for the construction of advanced stadiums. This report looks at the ‘global new build and retrofit stadia projects’ that are changing stadium design and fan experience. 

The Rise of the Smart Stadiums

How do you convince audiences to leave the comfort of their home entertainment systems to battle with the masses at stadiums, to fight for a parking spot, to spend time in long queues?

How to Make a Stadium Profitable

Stadiums need to reinvent themselves to maximise profitability and sustainable growth. They need to be versatile for differing events while adopting new technologies. In this article, we explore how stadiums become profitable.

How Stadiums Should Be Connecting With Fans in the 21st Century

We spoke with Henk Markerink, CEO Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam about how the main stadium in the Dutch capital goes about providing an exceptional customer experience and connects with their audiences.