Michael E. Grilli

Chairman and Founder BETA Group, Inc.

Mike has over half a century of engineering and management experience in the planning, design and construction of multi-million dollar projects in heavy civil engineering fields. As Founder and Chairman of BETA, he takes advantage of his skill in developing long-term relationships with public clients to lead a team of highly skilled professionals with decisive guidance and a commitment to excellence.

Mike has contributed mightily to his community and received the high honor of a Salute by the Town at an Annual Awards Banquet. He has also received a high achievement award from the Appian Club and the Ouimet Society Chairman of the Year. Mike is also a member of the Engineering Advisory Council at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, his alma-mater.

Pre-Congress Day: Monday, 20 May 2019

Monday, May 20th, 2019

10:00 AM Securing Stadiums, Communities and Fans

With advanced technologies come advanced threats and vulnerabilities. With incidents, threats and risks on the rise, stadiums need to increase their physical and cyber resiliency to safeguard their fans from physical threats along with safeguarding their critical data, fans and customers data, and confidential information before they end up in external hands, costing lives of people and potential loss of millions of dollars and regulatory repercussions.
Ensuring a comprehensive security strategy should not only involve threats from terrorism, hooliganism or other emergency situations, but also heavily focused on cyber threats and data protection with the rising cyber attacks targeting stadiums, arenas and heavy data organisations.
Laura Metaal Hostile Vehicle Protection has developed various security products to prevent heavy vehicles from entering areas that need temporary or permanent protection, such as moveable Road Blockers, Perimeter Security and Pedestrian Portals.
In this workshop, case studies will be discussed, showing how baseball stadiums (Major League Baseball) in the US manage traffic and close off roads in a secure manner, protecting the crowds from hostile vehicle attacks.
The moveable “pin-down barrier” will be presented, a steel barrier on wheels that has an ASTM-F2656 approval. It can be removed in seconds, allowing emergency services to enter the area when needed.
The workshop will also highlight the Philadelphia Phillies who were recently awarded by the US Department of Homeland  Security for their security efforts, including the application of the “pin-down barrier”.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michael.

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