Mohammed Mahbouba

Chief Data Officer UCLA Health

Mohammed Mahbouba, MD, MS Chief Data Officer, UCLA HealthDr. Mahbouba is a Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence leader with over fifteen years of experience in building analytic solutions for large and complex organizations. Dr. Mahbouba is a physician by education and training and with master’s degree in Information Technology.As Chief Data Officer, Dr. Mahbouba currently leads UCLA Health Office of Health Informatics & Analytics (OHIA) and is responsible for defining, communicating, and implementing UCLA’s Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy across the Health Sciences enterprise to support the healthcare, education, research and community outreach missions of the organization.Before joining UCLA Health, Dr. Mahbouba served as Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare Informatics at McKesson Specialty Health. He also served as the Senior Medical Director, Clinical Analytics with responsibility for leading the Clinical Analytics team supporting clinically-oriented initiatives and programs across the McKesson. Prior to McKesson, Dr. Mahbouba managed the data coordination center for the Heart Health and Heredity study at Stanford University School of Medicine; a case-control, genetic-epidemiological, multi-center study that recruited and characterized over 4,000 participants.Dr. Mahbouba is also the founder of xIAB analytics, a company focused on providing cutting-edge analytics services and solutions to the healthcare, health science and other industries.LinkedIn Profile