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Simply put, RPA is about extending process automation to incorporate "swivel chair" capability – but it can do so much more. To explain the ins and outs of this phenomenon, we are delighted to present the RPA World Series 2016. Alongside tips on how to select from a broad pool of RPA solutions, we have also invited a starred group of practitioners who have already made a name for themselves in RPA implementation from companies like Bank of Ireland and EMC.
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BPM Open House is your essential guide to BPM solutions and designed for process practitioners who’re wondering what will a BPM systems really do for me, how do they work in real life, and who should I buy from? BPM Open House gives you the chance to learn from the first hand experiences from companies who’ve maximized the value from their BPM solutions to deliver real business results. This unique online event will bring together hand-picked case studies that will show what the project objectives were, how they were achieved and the results produced. And best of all, it’s all online, so you don’t even need to leave your desk.
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Business Intelligence (BI) is slowly but surely being adopted at call center operations around the world, but many struggle with how to use and interpret the data to transform their businesses. This informative webinar will show you how to eliminate the guesswork and leverage BI to analyze your entire call center operation at the source.
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Are you looking to understand the voice of your customer? We know the answer, yes. But how do you do it with the sheer amount of speech data you are collecting? Traditionally, organizations can only access and analyze 1% of all contact center interactions. You can analyze more. Cue analytics.
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In this video interview, Mungo Smith, Director of Business Development at MAAP Architects explores the vision for Al Wakra Psychiatric Hospital and how it goes beyond current best-practice by bringing together evidence, ethics and humanism in a way that hasn’t been seen in modern mental healthcare facilities before. The scheme draws together scientific evidence, the best contemporary practice in person-centred mental health care and a deep understanding of cultural heritage and appropriateness.
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In this video interview, Steve Towers, Vice-President of BP Group, explores the key trends driving changes in process excellence in the next 6-12 months, how different sectors are placing the customer at the heart of business improvement and the value business improvement professionals can gain from attending PEX Week 2016.
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Scott Stanchak, Director of Mobile Marketing at The New York Times, discusses mobile technology and marketing in this video interview.
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Richard Wallace is the Director of Transportation Systems Analysis at the Center for Automotive Research. He talks with John McElroy about when autonomous cars will be available to real consumers and what they will cost. Wallace asks: what premium would you pay for a car that can never crash?
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A panel discussion on best practices in intermarrying various critical equipment, determining and incorporating integration priority levels, and testing for and identifying non-obvious failures caused during integration. With Paul Cummings, Principal at Honda Research Institute, Hakan Sivencrona, Functional Safety Manager/Lead System Engineer at Delphi, and Rob Gee, Head of Product Management, Software and Connected Solutions at Continental.
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Lina Maria Palacios, Manager of Finance, SSC, Latin America Performance at Teva Pharmaceuticals, and speaker at the approaching Summit, discusses tips and strategies for emerging companies regarding outsourcing, and opening single versus multi-function centers.
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With last year's event held in Dublin, Ireland, Rear Admiral Mark Mellett of the Irish Defence Forces (and the conference chairman), explained to Defence IQ the reasoning behind the introduction of the new Samuel Beckett-class OPVs in this podcast. He also discussed the construction of the vessel with an eye towards climate change, cost-efficiency in a complex maritime environment, meeting emerging threats, and revealed his key to working effectively with industry partners and shipyards.
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Tom Briscoe, Senior Principle Strategist of Technology and IP at cancer diagnostics technology company Dako, discusses how to use trademark to complement patent strategy, with reference to the Apple approach, the "fire analogy" to explain the evolution in patent strategy: "Fire can now be used to heat up two different metals to create a stronger alloy...to help things grow.", using IP to establish compatibility, co-operability and interoperability, the credence he gives to secrecy and being first to market, and balancing the need to protect IP, and getting Dako's life-saving products to as wide of a market as possible
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