12 - 14 March 2019
Bremen, Germany

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5th International Conference Corrosion Protection for Offshore Wind

The only business platform to share essential advances in corrosion protection for a stronger industry! Download the agenda and see who is presenting in 2019!

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Assessing Corrosion Protection Systems for Offshore Structures

Günter Binder of the German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) shares his report, 'Assessing Corrosion Protection Systems for Offshore Structures', in which he evaluates different kind of corrosion stresses on coatings, and how these work with cathodic protection systems. Wha ...

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Interviews on corrosion protection with Carbon Trust and Ramboll Group

The following interviews are focusing on the most innovative areas for corrosion in offshore wind. Find out, furthermore, where the current knowledge gaps are when working with corrosion pitting and monitoring.

Presentation on Using Thermally Sprayed Aluminium to Radically Alter Corrosion Protection Design

The presentation covers the following:CROWN project introductionCorrosion behaviour of TSAManufacturing and installation using TSAOutlook for futureDownload the full presentation for free here

Report on Corrosion Protection - Reducing Costs with TSA and ICCP

Coating solutions like Thermally Sprayed Aluminum –TSA– are setting the trend, as well as Impressed Current Cathodic Protection – ICCP– which offers great advantages over sacrificial anode tech. Their development is driven by the sheer necessity of protecting offshore wind assets and minimize cos ...

Expert Interview on Drone Monitoring - The Future of Offshore Wind Corrosion Control

Companies destine millions in corrosion-related repairs, is the use of drones the future of corrosion monitoring.Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free interview conducted by Energy IQ with Ralph Roesler, Project Manager Civil Works at Vattenfall Europe Windkraft. ...


In Search of Effective Corrosion Protection

Corrosion has become one of the major challenges the offshore wind industry has to face. How to effectively monitor corrosion and avoid costly repairs is where the research and development activities are focused. Current industry codes and standards require review and expansion. Find out more in the article HERE

Fatigue crack growth rates for offshore wind monopile weldments in air and seawater: SLIC inter-laboratory test results

The majority of fatigue crack growth (FCG) data sets available on steels in air and seawater environments are several decades old andmay not be appropriate for structural integrity assessment of offshorewind turbine foundations, which are fabricated using contemporary materials and welding technologies. Therefore, the SLIC joint industry project was formed...


The utilization of Thermally Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) as external corrosion protection system for monopile foundations – The Arkona offshore wind farm case

E.ON Climate & Renewables together with Ramboll presented on that topic at last year's conference. Read the full presentation and find out more about this strategy!

Design of cathodic protection of MP internal from a foundation designer’s point of view

The presentation from COWI Chief Specialist Corrosion Monitoring and Cathodic Protection, Ruth Sørensen, has its special focus on the challenges with GACP & ICCP and the requirements for water replenishment.