Why Attend the Data & Analytics Leaders Exchange

Imagine the benefit you would get from joining a group of 50 peers - who share your biggest challenges - to share stories, network and exchange mission critical information you won’t get anywhere else. Here’s a taste of what you can expect to learn about at the Data & Analytics Leaders Exchange:

- Developing An Enterprise-Wide Data Governance Strategy And Architecture

- Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making Across The Business

- Building Organisational Capability For Advanced Analytics

- Attracting, Retaining, And Up-Skilling Staff For Digitalisation And Technological Developments

- Maintaining Compliance With GDPR

- Improving Business Function By Effectively Leveraging Data Insights

What Leaders say About Exchange

It's Intimate And Honest

"I think the main thing that I haven't seen in other conferences is that small, closed, focused environment. Everyone is here to talk about business challenges, and how we can solve these challenges. My key message to anyone in the business is to come along and look at all these leaders and what they're trying to do to move their organisations forward. It was a good diverse range of leaders in our industry which is fantastic. It's not often you get this type of leadership in one room."

- Head of Group Data and Analytics, Blackmores

Connect With Like-Minded Leaders

"What I’ve enjoyed the most is just the ability to connect with like-minded executives across the contact centre space. I think you always come to these things a little bit skeptical about how much you’re going to get out of it. But the structure of this particular conference has been really pleasing. So, I really like the brain weave concept, and the ability to be able to carve out an hour’s worth of time around different topics, to learn from people’s failures and what’s worked well, really provokes a different conversation. I think it has been really powerful."

- General Manager Service - Business and Government, Australia Post

You Can Choose Your Own Adventure

"It has been way different to what I expected. The diversity was different. It was interesting to learn that the challenges are very similar, regardless of the industry we are in. The honesty and the transparency of information being shared was quite interesting and creates a well-rounded exchange programme. It’s really hard to find those ones. I really thoroughly enjoyed it and the freedom to choose your own adventure… I love it that I could talk to vendors, do some BrainWeaves as well - to choose your own adventure as you see fit was awesome."

– General Manager Enquiries and Complaints, NBNco