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Presentation by Jeffrey Rex from Panasonic about Enabling Global Aircraft Tracking

Read about leveraging existing SatCom platforms to enable global aircraft tracking in this presentation by Jeffrey Rex from Panasonic.

Interview: Peter Anders from Airbus

Peter Anders, Certification Manager for Avionics at Airbus GmbH in Germany discussed in this interview with EASA's On Air about the latest developments in this industry.Download the full interview for free here.

Report on Automated Distress Tracking for Air Carrier Aircraft

Recent events have demonstrated the need for a more robust tracking capability for aircraft in distress.The AF447 and MH370 accidents demonstrated to ICAO that a need existed for an enhanced capability to track the position of aircraft in remote areas, especially since worldwide air travel is predicted to double within the...

Interview with Henk Hof, Chairman of the ICAO GADSS Advisory Group at Eurocontrol

Henk Hof, Head of the ICAO and Concept Unit and Chairman of the ICAO GADSS Advisory Group Eurocontrol in Germany discussed in this interview with Tranport IQ about the latest developments in this industry.Read the full interview here.

Report on New ICAO Requirements - Improved Aircraft Tracking

To address the need for operators to be able to accurately follow flights in oceanic and remote continental areas, ICAO has adopted Amendment 39 to Annex 6 — Operation of Aircraft, Part I — International Commercial Air Transport — Aeroplanes. This amendment requires operators engaged in international air commerce to...

Interview with experts from the industry

Philippe Plantin de Hugues from BEA, Miguel Marin from ICAO and Alain Bouhet from Orolia talk about the challenges of Aircraft Location and Flight Data Recovery.Read the full interview with all three experts here.

Infographic: Flight Tracking Methods

Even in the age of smartphone, where one might have the impression that the position of everything and everyone on the globe can be determined, it is indeed more than a trivial matter to track planes. Take a closer look at the infographic to see how we keep watch over...