Future Shopping Precincts

28 - 29 November, 2019 | Sydney

Reinventing the Customer Experience Through the Design and Delivery of Innovative Shopping Precincts​

With major metro rail projects underway across Australia’s major cities, a recent CBRE report has estimated that associated real estate development projects within railway station suburbs will reach $28 billion over the next 10 years. This, in conjunction with major population growth is driving investment in innovative new build and redeveloped shopping precincts that are going beyond the norm and offering a more personalised customer experience.

With a major shift taking place, we are witnessing a move away from traditional retail offerings of clothing and other apparel focused outlets to a more experience design approach where shoppers are able to access a multitude of dining, entertainment and leisure options built around the lifestyle choices of the local community.

With this in mind, I am excited to share with you the program for our Future Shopping Precincts Summit which will showcase the most revolutionary developments taking place internationally and across Australia.

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Customer Centricity:
Differentiating the consumer offering, with a focus on experience and convenience

Transforming the mall experience by leveraging technology and multichannel strategies

Design, Layout and Delivery:
Exploration of new formats and commercial real estate opportunities

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Peer Led Case Studies: Hear from thought leaders across the industry

Understand growing customer trends and insights

Leverage technology to enhance the mall experience


​Heads, Directors and General Managers of:​

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