Past Presentations

Creating a Sustainable and Harmonised Approach to Rail Freight at BLS Cargo – Lessons Learnt from Euorpean Freight Corridors in Enhancing Reliability and Seamelss Networks

In this presentation from Inland Rail 2018, Jürgen Maier-Gyomlay, Head of International Affairs
and Projects at BLS Cargo covered:
  • How BLS Cargo is playing a part in the development of uniform requirement for infrastructure managers to enhance inter-operability and seamlessness across all corridors
  • Introducing and investing in new technology and processes, such as high performing freight messaging, that will work consistently with infrastructure and improve performance, productivity and profitability
  • Exploring the political initiatives and implement a long-distance strategy to grow freight volumes and demands for neighbouring areas

Supporting the Economic Growth and Development of the Inland Rail for the Communities across the Darling Downs and South West Queensland

In this presentation from Inland Rail 2018, Bryan Gray, Executive Officer at Regional Development Australia, Darling Downs and South West covered:

  • How the organisation is supporting the initiatives of the Inland Rail to improve network connection and establish the region as a transport and logistics hub
  • Advocating for current and proposed rail infrastructure projects that could link to the Inland Rail and potentially increase economic activity in the region
  • Assisting the stakeholders and contractors required to influence connectivity and innovation of the Inland Rail construction to help the region reap the economic and social benefits

Scenic Rim Regional Council Embracing a New industry and Long-Term Vision for Freight Rail

In this presentation from Inland Rail 2018, Cr Greg Christensen, Mayor at Scenic Rim Regional Council covered:
  • Collaboration as an essential piece to unlocking potential: Cooperation between all three levels of government - Federal, State and Local with SCT
  • Next Generation Freight Movement and what it look like: Benefits of the Bromelton Industrial Estate and how that intersects with moving from good to great
  • Understanding true intermodal capacity through SCT:
  • What's happened so far and how it has created great efficiency changes for the freight task

Establishing Last Mile Rail Connectivity Through PPP on Indian Railways to Attract Freight Business Back on Rail

In this presentation from Inland Rail 2018, Yogendra Sharma, President - Rail at Adani Mines and Power covered:
  • Analysing the importance for PPP to deliver infrastructure assets through proper risk management, innovative design solutions and efficient construction methodologies
  • Designing appropriate PPP models to attract private investors according to local conditions to bring shareholders value
  • Engaging early with legal, commercial and financial, probity and technical advisors and develop an effective procurement strategy and design 
  • Building innovative model for cost effective maintenance to increase throughput

Inland Rail Presentation Pack

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