21 - 22 October, 2019
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Asadullah Khan

Principal Engineer

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Conference Day Two: Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

11:40 AM INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Dredging under the radar - Identifying areas of improvement in dredging and reclamation processes

Dredging practice and equipment has evolved considerably in recent years to increase efficiency and minimise the potential adverse effects on the environment. This exclusive session will identify up to date, modern strategies in dredging efficiency and land reclamation

Senior leadership will:
  • Identify state-of-the art-dredging and reclamation techniques and solutions for the new generation of land reclamation
  • Discuss optimizing processes in dredging and land reclamation work methods and equipment management
  • Demonstrate technologies suitable for your dredging & land reclamation projects including environmental measures


1:45 PM INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Shoreline management to ensure the sustainable development and protection of Middle Eastern coasts

The coastlines of Dubai have undergone rapid transformation over the last 20 years due to significant infrastructural development along its shores. However we can no longer ignore that the climate is changing and the rising sea levels are a threat to our coasts.

As a result coastal structures are exposed to the unpredictable nature of the sea and other elements. This exclusive session will identify critical components of shoreline management to ensure the protection of Middle Eastern coasts.

Senior management will acknowledgement:
  • Monitoring and predicting coastal and environmental changes in the Middle East
  • Inspection and maintenance of coastal structures
  • Geotechnical considerations in shoreline protection and lad reclamation
  • How to use waves and tides as external opportunities in sustainable coastal design rather than perceiving them as problem generators