The Open APIs and Ecosystems Summit 2019

Join us at The Open APIs and Ecosystems Summit 2019; Australia’s only conference focused on developing an open API strategy at monolithic organisations.

APIs have always been internal focused and purposed for ‘integration’- that is no longer the case. There is an influx of API investments across the globe as APIs become a key solution for our integrated IT challenges. Organisations are now beginning to open up their data and systems to third parties to innovate with new data sources, create new business models and revenue streams.

However the challenge still remains in getting the most value out of your API strategies. With that in mind, The Open APIs and Ecosystems Summit 2019, will bring together industry leaders to discuss their used case studies of API-led transformations, cross industry collaborations and secure data sharing to unlock siloed systems, new revenue streams and customer innovations.

Be apart of the API Economy to discuss:

API-LED TRANSFORMATION: How do you internally transform an organization to become API driven?

INNOVATION: How do you enhance CX and innovation by unlocking silo systems and new revenue streams in an Open API Ecosystem?

DATA: How do you effectively and securely share data across industry collaborations?

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Featured Speakers

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Reasons to Attend:

100% Case Study Based Agenda with real life examples on Open API-led transformations

Speakers from ALL industries present their learnings and war stories to drive your competitive advantage

3 New Practical Workshops focused on developing and aligning open API-strategies with your business

Thought-Provoking Panel Discussions to solve your biggest challenges in API investment, strategy and management

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Featured Case Studies….

Hear About Telstra’s API-driven transformations to become more innovative, agile and cost effective

Get the most value out of your API Strategy with Cole’s case study on overcoming IT roadblocks

Hear how Macquarie Group leveraged open data and APIs to enhance customer experiences and drive competitive advantage

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Who will you meet?

Chief/GM/Head/Manager of:


Digital Services




Digital Innovation


Product Owner/Product Innovation/Agile Product Owner


Platforms/Digital Platforms/Customer Platforms

From the following sectors and industries:


Banking & Financial Services (BFSI)




Utilities (Energy + Water supply companies)


Retail & Travel


Transport & Logistics


FMCG & Manufacturing




Telco communications

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