Gaining a Competitive Edge to Win Market Share in Asia’s Growing Digital Payments Space

Asia remains the global leader in payments innovation and is fast defying traditional models, shifting from a steady state to one of permanent disruption.

Key stakeholders such as banks, alternative payment institutions, telecommunication operators and retails are pushing the boundaries of digital payments and mobile banking to stay ahead of the game.

The number of non-cash transactions in Asia expecting to reach USD276.8 billion by 2020 alongside with the growing population of mobile-first consumers. Hence, the race is on for banks, alternative payments providers, telecommunication operators and retailers to capture and win market share.

However, challenges remain in the form of regulations, legacy systems, lack of infrastructure and security. What are the steps that can be taken to provide intuitive, seamless and secured digital payment experiences?

Join us this November for the latest regional governments’ initiatives, as well as, cutting-edge payment strategies and technologies in order to unlock business opportunities in Asia’s emerging digital payments markets.

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2018 Keynote Speakers Include:

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Why Attend?

Hear from regional governments, banks and alternative payments providers on their initiatives to drive the adoption of digital payments in Asia.

Explore Asia’s emerging digital payment opportunities for the banked and unbanked.

Learn from global experts and technology evangelists on how to build a powerful, engaging and secure mobile payments experience.

Strengthen your digital payment ecosystem through the right infrastructure investments, integration and effective collaborations to stay ahead of the game.

Map out customer engagement strategies to successfully deploy seamless and intuitive payment experiences.

Network with Asia’s leading stakeholders in the payments ecosystem including banks, alternative financial service providers, telecommunication operators and retailers.

Key Conference Themes:

Fast—track digital payments adoptions through regional government partnerships and unified payment systems.

The use of AI, biometrics, and digital identity technologies to enable efficient and seamless digital payments.

Capitalise on omni-channel digital payment strategies, loyalty and partnership programs to enhance greater customer and user engagements.

Capture emerging digital payment opportunities in regional markets and explore methods to accelerate adoption.

Evaluate innovative secure payments, Fintech and blockchain technologies to strengthen your payments infrastructure.

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