27 - 29 August, 2019
Hotel Palace Berlin

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RAMS in Rail - Functional Safety Edition27-29 August 2019 | Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany2019 conference focus:Hear smart strategies from leading companies to implement cost-optimized functional safetyFind out how data can ...

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Interview with Bombardier Transportation: How to achieve a cross functional software standard for railways?

Walter Eckerlin, Quality and Safety Manager at Bombardier Transportation with over 25 years of experience, speaks about the aspects of a future software standard in railways.Download the interview for free here

Report on Compliance 2030 - How European Legislations are Shaping the Railway Industry

Safety management is one of, if not the most important part when it comes to public transport, which includes avionics, automotive and also railway. Effectively, this indicates that companies have to take certain standards into consideration when adopting strategies and tactics from other industr ...

Interview with ProRail on Functional Safety for Railways

Priscilla van Keulen, Safety Manager at ProRail, shared with us her advice on functional safety for railways. 

Siemens Expert Interview on Functional Safety in RAMS

In this exclusive expert interview, we speak to Dr. Tarif Amro from Siemens about the functional safety in railway systems globally. Read the full article for free here!