5th Annual Research Facilities Design and Development Summit 2019

Innovating the Design, Construction, Operation and Maintainence of Research Facilities 

The world is constantly changing, can you keep up?

Research is a defining characteristic of Australia’ Universities. Australia leads the world, working collaboratively with other world-class researchers around the globe. Quality and cutting-edge research infrastructure is the engine behind Australia’s research and development system.

In an era where innovation drives competition, it is of paramount importance to maximise your ROI and space utilisation with the most innovating design, construction, operation and maintenance of research facilities.

The Research Facilities Design and Development 2019 returns with a brand new agenda that will include the expansion of the most exciting and futuristic reserach institutes and facilities. Brand new case studies and panel discussions will be featured across large organizations and your attendance at this conference will provide your organisation with the insights required to adapt and stay relevant during the changing market conditions.

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Why Attend RFDD 2019?

Research Facilities Design and Development brings together industry representatives in a unique way – a collaborative discussion space where the latest developments, innovative thinking and insight is shared.

Leading in Uncertain Times


your facilities management & sustainability strategies

Look Beyond Traditional Boundaries


how to maximise ROI and space utilisation through innovative research infrastructural designs and developments 

Upskill Your Frontline into Leadership Positions


with the latest innovative research standards and ideas to stay ahead and remain competitive 

Towards Outcome Centric Measurement


the research infrastructure community. Interact and network with industry peers, and share strategies for overcoming common facility management challenges

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Who Will You Meet at RFDD 2019?

'It’s about: Creativity, inspiration, respect, innovation, passion’ 

  •  Heads of Facilities Management/Services
  •  Head of Research & Research Infrastructure
  •  Heads of Infrastructure and Projects
  •  Head of Quality and Planning
  •  Heads of Research 
  •  Directors/Managers Research Facilities
  •  National Laboratory Managers
  •  Project Managers/Designers
  •  Principles/Partners
  •  Lead Architects

With our perfect blend of interactive sessions and in-depth case studies, the answers, inspiration and strategies you need are at Research Facilities Design and Development.

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