With Speakers from Across the Industry

  • Dr Mike Howes
    Mine Ventilation and Refrigeration Professional
  • Dr Patrick Glynn
    ACARP Diesel Particulate Filtration Project Leader
  • Gary Durandt
    Senior Ventilation Engineer
  • Lieb Combrinck
    Senior Ventilation Officer
  • Jaco Kok
    Senior Ventilation Engineer
  • Andrew Chaplyn
    Regional Inspector of Mines – North
  • Vang Souhandavong
    Senior Mining Engineer

Strategies for Controlling Heat, Dust and Diesel Particulates for Improved Worker Safety and Mine Productivity

Ventilation is an essential part of underground hard rock mining. Not only does it ensure that air is sufficient for the operation of machinery and mining personnel, but it also serves to minimise dust and other particulates harmful to worker health. Furthermore, the reduction of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and methane is a crucial factor in reducing the risk of underground explosions and poisoning.

Following the success of the East Coast Mine Ventilation 2010 event, Mining IQ is now bringing the industry’s best to the West Coast and to hard rock mines Australia-wide. Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2011 aims to address a variety of issues pertinent to the continued success of mine site ventilation officers and technicians.

Session topics include:

  • Reducing Diesel Particulate Matter Using End-of-Pipe Emission Filters
  • Utilising Refrigeration Techniques for Temperature Control and Cooling in Deep Mines
  • Monitoring and Controlling Dust in an Underground Setting: Strategies and Technologies
  • Improving Ventilation Circuits for Mine Upgrades

This event will allow you to learn about a variety of practical strategies and techniques for tackling these issues. This will allow you to avoid negative inspections, reduce spending on power costs, and improve the health and safety of your workmates and friends.

Includes Double Session and Workshop with Ventilation Guru Mike Howes

We are pleased to announce that Mike Howes will be participating in Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2011 by providing both a double-session feature on ventilation improvement strategies, and a workshop providing guidance on mine cooling for mines which are deep or which struggle with high or complex ambient temperatures. With extensive experience spanning decades and continents, Mike is perfectly placed to provide an overview of the industry and give guidance on how to improve your site.

For more details on Mike’s sessions, click here to download the event brochure.

Providing Industry Updates and Technical Discussions for Experienced Ventilation Professionals

Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2011 provides a forum for experienced ventilation officers and technical services superintendents to receive ongoing training and networking with others in the industry.

With so few dedicated forums for continued interaction and industry updates on ventilation for hard rock mines, this conference provides a valuable opportunity to meet, greet, and learn from the best in the business. Find out how other sites are conducting fan upgrades, discover new technologies for dust management, or hear the latest updates on diesel particulate filtration.

As the first and only dedicated hard rock ventilation conference, the event will:

  • Highlight unique and difficult sites undertaking ventilation improvements
  • Hear from lead researchers developing new and innovative technologies
  • Bring Australia’s most experienced ventilation professionals together in one location
  • Provide online access to all presentation materials, interviews and other additional content
  • Schedule both open networking and structured networking opportunities so you can hear about work being done by all attendees, not just the speakers

This is a great opportunity for experienced ventilation professionals to upgrade and update their knowledge and keep on top of changes in the industry.

Improving Graduate Retention with Continued Emphasis on Ventilation Importance and Networking Opportunities

As well as providing information for experienced VOs, Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2011 is also a great event for new engineers to meet and strategise with established ventilation officers, technical services managers and mining engineers.

With turnover for ventilation departments at an all-time high, this event provides a valuable opportunity for the next generation of ventilation officers to learn about the value of ventilation on site. For example, case studies on issues crucial to worker health and safety will demonstrate how important the work of a ventilation officer or technician is to the continued productivity and profitability of the mine site.

These opportunities for graduate growth will be provided in a variety of ways:

  • An opening address from government about the importance of ventilation
  • Access to successful senior ventilation professionals
  • A variety of breaks for casual conversation and networking
  • Structured networking sessions such as roundtables and meet-and-greets
  • Generous team discounts on registration

In this way managers, ventilation officers and graduate engineers can all gain access to the best in the business and continue to expand their knowledge of ventilation strategies and technologies.

Who Should Attend Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2011?

Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2011 will draw together ventilation personnel including:

  • Ventilation Officers
  • Ventilation Engineers
  • Technical Services Superintendents and Managers
  • Managers/Directors of Underground Strategy
  • Underground Managers
  • Mine Planning Engineers
  • Graduate Mining Engineers
  • Safety and Health Managers

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