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HALO Corporation

The HALO Corporation is a California based organization founded by former Special Operations, National Security, and Intelligence personnel. HALO exists to provide safety and security for those in need and to improve: force protection, all aspects of security, humanitarian aid, and disaster response.

We have strategically aligned ourselves with experts and academia from around the world. Combined, we have a long-standing tradition of excellence in the fields of counter-terrorism, physical and technical security, expeditionary logistics, disaster response, humanitarian aid, and international medicine. HALO offers specialized services related to war and conflict including: combat operations, strategic planning, intelligence collection, operational and logistical support, and training.


Routledge is a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences.

Founded in 1836, we have published many of greatest thinkers and scholars of the last hundred years, including Adorno, Einstein, Russell, Popper, Wittgenstein, Jung, Bohm, Hayek, McLuhan, Marcuse and Sartre. Today we publish some 600 journals and around 2,000 new books each year, from offices all over the world. Our current publishing program encompasses the liveliest texts, and the best in research. Our books backlist has over 35,000 titles in print. We take pride in the range and strength of the backlist and we use the latest technology to promote it using a wide range of formats, both in print and online.

ASDNews – "Be the first to know"

ASDNews brings the latest aerospace, defense, and security news from government, industry, and major news agencies around the world. Our service has over 60,000 active subscribers and 2 million article readers per year. ASDNews content is categorized in over 25 main news groups, for example: "Training & Simulation News", or "Unmanned Systems News" making recent and related articles easy to find. Subscribe to our free daily newsletter or weekly group newsletters on

Carroll Publishing
Contact: Naomi Brown - or 301-765-5049.

Carroll Publishing produces America's largest database of government decision makers. Carroll is the exclusive provider of organization charts of the federal government and DoD. With 320,000 government contacts and 800 organization charts, Carroll helps you find your key government decision maker, fast!

Defence Guide Website:

Defence-Guide is an international military site which has as primary scope establishing an electronic magazine dealing with international news on defense manufacturing and technology. More specifically, this international military guide – unique for the three Branches of the MoD and Law enforcement - includes:

  • Companies' profiles/products/projects
  • Military magazines
  • Event presentations (Conferences-Seminars-Exhibitions)
  • Defense news (RSS system)
  • Press articles and press releases
  • Connection to Think Tanks (cooperation with HELISS, CDISS)
  • Forum on line

In this context, and beyond our continuous Site information with the latest defense news from this area, we provide information notes to Key Officers serving the MoD (European so far), and run independent research on matters dealing with questions we receive from anyone dealing with defense matters. Defence-Guide provides the GR and HU MoDs through a specific “Code” the possibility to receive updates and complete info on products/projects from defense companies included in our Site. We are also capable of informing for every Coded info that we receive at our “Login Area” the specific Staff officers through their e-mails. Visit us at or email us at

Defense Update

Defense Update online bi-monthly defense magazine highlights defense programs worldwide including land, air, naval, C4ISR, intelligence, and net-centric warfare, infantry warfare, homeland defense etc. The coverage is frequently updated to follow the development of key defense programs. Major global defense exhibitions are covered. Defense Update is available free at our web site.

Global Security Pipeline

Global Security Pipeline, is the leading source of data and news on the Global Security sector. Unlike any other service of its type, Global Security pipeline identifies forward-looking deal and sector business news combined with proprietary deal data on investors and their investments, M&A and the public capital markets. Our team of analysts also delivers industry and market surveys, customized research and analytics to support our members’ strategic decisions.

Global Security Finance

Global Security Finance

Global Security Finance, the online daily business news and financial data service, is the leading independent source of information about the physical, cyber and identity security and defense sectors. Our news team delivers real-time business news and identifies the latest and most relevant regulatory and policy announcements, investment, M&A and new funds and fund closes. This news is supplemented with opinion-pieces based on in-depth interviews with senior-level executives, advisers, investors and policy-makers. Our premium suite of desktop and mobile services provides access to subscription-based business news, transaction data (VC/PE, M&A) and a global directory of professionals active in the sector. Global Security Finance also offers customized research and senior-level networking events including the Homeland Security Finance Forum and the Cyber Security Finance Forum.


GovEvents is the premiere online resource for government events. GovEvents was created as a service to the government community so that government users, vendors, and event producers can go to one place on the web to find and post government-related events. The site provides in-depth information on hundreds of events, from major industry tradeshows, to government conferences, to agency-sponsored roundtables, and webcasts. Access to GovEvents is free of charge for all government users, event organizers and vendors/exhibitors.

IHS Jane

Information Security Community

Join the Information Security Community - the largest community of infosec professionals in the industry. Let's build a network that connects people, opportunities, and ideas. If you are involved in purchasing, selling, designing, marketing ... or using information security solutions - this group is for you. Covered topics include compliance, encryption, anti-virus, malware, cloud security, data protection, hacking, network security, virtualization, and more.

“In line with its Mission, Vision, and Objectives, the Information Security Community is influencing and nurturing the present and next generation of Information Security Professionals for today’s unrelenting demands©"

Virginia Benedict, Managing Curator