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How to Get All Your Assets at the Right Time, at the Right Location in the Right Condition

In this webinar we'll discuss possibilities to improve quality of healthcare and reduce costs by track & tracing of assets in hospitals and integrating them with aligning medical environments like pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and insurance companies.
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Accelerate Decisions, Think Strategically, Modernize Your Processes!

Hear Global CIO and EVP Brian Flynn explain how the world's largest independent provider of claims management solutions has harnessed new disruptive technologies for better service and performance in a world where the only constant is change.
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Coaching for Success: Using Accountability to Improve Team Results

Delivering strong business results is essential – to your operation and your job. High performing teams consistently demonstrate solid leadership and personal accountability. But not everyone is trained in how to do this.
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CRM for Customer Care Centers: Laying a Foundation for Customer Service Success

Customer Service organizations are looking to transform their customer care centers by providing a superior engagement platform for customers, prospects, and partners. CRM is the key to providing an excellent level of customer service across any channel, by providing the right information to the right agents at the right time.
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Dealing with Diverse Information Streams in eDiscovery

Information in an organisation is nowcoming from a range of sources and being stored in differing formats andlocations. Integrating these information streams into a companies processes isvital to prevent information requests becoming painful and protracted says MattWard, Ediscovery & Corporate Compliance Officer at Barclays InvestmentBank. In this interview, Matt discusses diverse information streams and storageheadaches such as cloud storage.
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Interview: How Centrica Are Optimising Investments in Enterprise Mobility

Alan Fairhurst, Field Applications Development Manager, Centrica joined the Enterprise Mobility Exchange to share exclusive insight into Centrica's mobility initiatives, and to give his views on the rapidly evolving enterprise mobility market.
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Divya Mahajan: Taking An Enterprise Wide Approach To Mobility

Divya Mahajan, Philips International joins IQPC Exchange to discuss the consumerisation of mobility and overcoming the challenge of integrating new mobile technology with legacy systems across the business.
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Panel Session - Should You Make Each Customer Feel Like the Only One

Hear how to develop products and solutions that not only add value, but also make the customer feel special. Is this always necessary? Join Dell, E.ON Italy and Forrester and delve into this hot topic.
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Taking the Next Step in EU Cosmetic Compliance

With so many new requirements being implemented simultaneously, will you be compliant with the new Cosmetic Products Regulation? Colin Sanders, consultant to the cosmetics industry, shares insights on cosmetics compliance in light of the latest iteration of the EU cosmetic regulations which come into force in July 2013.
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The Personal Touch in Customer Experience - An Interview with 53Out's Sinead Quigley Maher

In the changing world of gambling, sometimes the value of the personal touch can be underestimated and it is important to continue the online communication offline as well. This is what Sinéad Quigley Maher, VIP Manager at 53 Outs argues is the key to exceptional customer experience. She also speaks about the importance of data in customer experience and how knowing your customer is the first step in any strategy to improve customer experience.
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Gordon Hunt: What is IOA... And What is it Not?

Commander in the US Naval Reserves and Chief Applications Engineer, Gordon Hunt, has technical expertise that spans embedded systems, distributed real-time systems, robotics, and controls. He talks to Defence IQ to about what is driving the change towards interoperable open architecture and how we should make sense of these developments.
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Building Compliance from Scratch at McAfee- An Interview between Ron Wills and Brandon Daniels

Ron discusses concerns companies can have in regard to regulatory exposure. He also offers advice for companies grappling with the control of their information and ensuring that they've got a programme that meets requirements from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
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Notable Speakers

  • Mr. Dingani Banda
    Commissioner – Customs Services
    Zambia Revenue

  • Hon Onkokame Kitso Mokaila (MP)
    Minister of Minerals
    Energy Water Resources, Botswana

  • Steve Towers
    Lead Coach and Co-Founder
    BP Group, UK

  • Mr. Steven Thompson
    SVP and CEO
    Johns Hopkins Medicine International, USA

  • Paul Bloxham
    Chief Economist
    HSBC Australia

  • Ben Somerville
    Spatial Systems Manager, Spatial Engineering Services
    Thiess Pty Ltd

  • Leslie Behnke
    VP Process Improvement and Service Quality
    TD Canada Trust

  • Inna Ben-anat
    Director, Head of Qbd and Product Robustness

  • Dr. Oliver Franz
    RWE AG

  • Arno von Querfurth
    Manager Advanced Diagnosis & Remote Solutions - Daimler Trucks Advanced Engineering
    Daimler AG, Germany

  • Bongani Biyela
    RBT Resources (Pty) Ltd

  • Ms Beatrice Memo
    Commissioner Customs Services
    Kenya Revenue Authority

  • S K Agrawal
    Deputy General Manager – SCADA & Telecommunications

  • Mr. Steven Thompson
    SVP and CEO
    Johns Hopkins Medicine International, USA

  • Mike Burnheim
    Assistant Director-General, Shared Services
    Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation & the Arts

  • Dino Sarac
    Chief Engineer, Geotechnical & Hydraulics Engineering Services
    Bechtel Corporation

  • Don Linsenmann
    VP Business Process Excellence and Corporate Six Sigma Champion

  • Leslie Behnke
    VP Process Improvement and Service Quality
    TD Canada Trust

  • Shira A. Scheindlin
    United States District Judge
    United States District Court

  • Dr. Pierre Metz
    Organisational Safety Manager
    Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Sanjay Banga
    Head-PSC, Automation and Contracts
    TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited

  • Manoharan V.G.
    Chief Engineer-Production & Communication
    Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation

  • Ahmed Bin Saleh Al Jahdhami
    Chief Executive Officer
    Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP)

  • H.E. Salim Al Aufi
    Chief Executive Officer
    Public Authority of Civil Aviation

  • John Boyd
    Director, Defense Biometrics and Forensics
    Office of the Secretary of Defense

  • Sheila Cahnman
    Vice President, Healthcare Market Sector Leader

  • Tânia Nossa
    Diretora do Shared Services Center

  • Herberto Yamamuro
    Chief Executive Officer

Past Partners

  • Atento Boeing Capgemini
  • FGV Force Protection General Dynamics Genpact
  • IBM KPMG L3 Communications Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman Raytheon Schlumberger Siemans
  • Skydex Totvs