Top Stories on Aircraft Cabin and Seating that you might have missed - European Edition 2019

In the lead-up to the  Aircraft Seating Conference in Hamburg, let’s take a look at the hottest developments and stories about seats and cabin that are thriving through the industry. Airfrance, Airbus, Boeing, Fraunhofer Institute and Expliseat, presenters at the event, are making headlines in the region with new products and corporate moves that will shake the aviation industry.

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Interview with AirGo Design’s CTO, Mr. Alireza Yaghoubi

Get a sneak peek on the AirGo’s - soon to be launched - business class seat that offers 8 more Pax as compared to United Polaris. More to be covered in the interview: long-haul narrowbody flights, new cabin configuration trends and how can seat providers adapt to airlines’ needs. Download here for free!

Cabin Additive Manufacturing: Saving weight, time and cost - Transport IQ Article

While the additive manufacturing technology is making headlines around the world, furiously finding its way through the aerospace industry, its certification still remains an issue flying slower than the actual innovation.
Transport IQ has prepared an excellent article featuring the 3D printing technology describing the latest development on the technology that has broken into cabin works to deliver weight, time and cost savings at rates never witnessed before. Download the article for free here:

Article on Aircraft Cabin and Seating Innovation

The airlines are in a race to deliver passengers comfort and brand loyalty at lower costs. The question is, how? Learn more in our latest article that you download for free here:

Come Sit With Me

How airlines are going all-in to impress business travelers

The Latest Innovations in Passenger Experience

The Latest Innovations in Aircraft Passenger Experience

Innovations in Aircraft Seat Maintenance

As aircraft seat counts reach new highs and passengers express dissatisfaction with overcrowding, cost-reduction has become a significant focus for the airline industry. Aircraft seats play an important role in this: not only can they have a drastic effect on weight, they also add operational costs by requiring regular maintenance to ensure a comfortable ride for passengers. This article covers the latest maintenance strategies employed for this sector.

Top 10 Innovations in Aircraft Seat Design

In addition to reducing costs, the main priorities for seat designers, airframe manufacturers, and airlines are improving comfort and lightweight materials.

The Aircraft Seating sector is currently a hotbed of innovation, so we've compiled a list of the most exciting developments in seat design and cabin configurations. Download the article and find out who the key players in the sector are, and what kind of cabin experience we can expect to see within a few years.

With these innovations making their way to mass production, we can expect a similar investment boom in seat materials and components - there are exciting opportunities coming up for textile, composite, plastics, foam, and electronic component manufacturers in the very near future.

Aircraft Seating: Stronger and lighter, but are passengers happy?

Extend your knowledge and gain a deeper insight into aircraft seating by reading this exclusive article.