IATA Expert Interview about Innovation Vs. Certification in Seating and Cabin

IATA's Jonathan Jasper discusses cabin operational safety within cabin design, as well as some critical aspects, including ways to´improve production processes and multi-stake holder coordination.

Download this free Expert Interview and learn more about:

  • Certification requirements: safety management systems and risk assessment.
  • Supply chain management and ways to improve production processes
  • Designing aircraft seating and the major parameters that will drive growth
  • Cabin and seat production errors: lead-time and processes

AirAsia Expert Interview on Cabin: The Sweet Spot Between Innovation and Cost

Transport IQ would like to present to you this exclusive Expert Interview with AirAsia's Sajumon MP, Manager of Projects, Contracts & New Initiatives, where they discuss the different strategies for aeroplane weight reduction, production, processing and passenger perspectives to find "The Sweet Spot Between Innovation and Coast".

The Interview focuses on:
  • Strategies to drive growth in your market
  • The major parameters that willl drive growth and be a game-changer
  • The Sweet Spot Between Innovation and Cost
  • Errors to avoid regarding cabin and seating production

Interview with Aysegul Durak

Ayşegül Durak, Cabin Interior Chief Engineer at Turkish Airlines, gave an interview on the current challenges around aircraft seating market and new developments in cabin interiors. Find out more and download the interview for free here. 

Download the exclusive interview with Peter Vink from TU Delft

IQPC talked exclusively to Peter Vink, Professor at TU Delft, about the experiences we have on lightweight seat comfort in the automotive and aircraft industry. Download the complete interview here.

Interview with John Tighe - JPA Design

John Tighe from JPA Design about the aircraft and automotive industries common challenges, what have the aircraft seat manufacturers to learn from the advancements already made in the automotive environment and how the knowledge can be implemented for driving innovation. Read all questions and answers in the full interview that you download here for free:

India's Emerging Aircraft Industry: An Exclusive Interview with Sajumon MP of Jet Airways

IQPC talked exclusively to Sajumon Maledathu Pankajakshan, from Aircraft Maintenance Management at Jet Airways, about how new opportunities within India's growing and changing airline landscape will impact the airline industry at large.  Download the exclusive interview here to find what he had to say and how Jet Airways and others are preparing for the shift behind it all.