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Partner Content: Sneak Peek and Report - Innovative Aircraft Seating 2018

What are the major inhibitors in implementing new seat configurations? What inspirations are being taken from the automotive industry? Read the answers here to learn what past delegates at the Innovative Aircraft Seating conference had to say by downloading the exclusive free report here:

The Great Divide

What people really want in seating and what changes they dread?

A game-changer in economy seating

Will there ever be a game-changer in economy seating?

a presentation by
Anthony Harcup,
Associate Director, Acumen Design Associates Ltd., UK

Passenger Seating: Designing Maintainablitity and Reliability Upfront

by Joseph Eddy, Sr. Project Manager - Delta Airlines

Seat Design: Qualification and tests challenges

a presentation by Jacques Debouchaud, Cabin Interior Research & Innovation Manager, STELIA AEROSPACE

Hawaiian Airlines: Elevating the customer experience in a leisure market

a presentation by Stephan Koenen, Product Manager - Cabin Interiors