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Piratelytics: The Numbers Behind Global Media Theft

Piracy is growing, and we have the numbers to prove it. Aggregated from the TV, music, and film industries, this infographic paints a bleak picture of the present state of affairs. Take a look at the most comprehensive roundup of entertainment-industry piracy figures, and discover which of your peers are tackling which issues, so you can figure out in advance when to stay on the show floor in LA, and when to slip out for a brunch smoothie. Though, with looming issues like these, who has time to relax?

Piracy! And Why It's So Hard to Fight It

Piracy is a growing problem; file-sharing in North America has risen 44% since 2008, and is on the rise globally. This problem is exacerbated by a set of developing trends which make content owners look like villains when they seek redress for stolen content. We took a look at the reasons behind the piracy boom in advance of the Summit.

Strategies for Combating a Sea of Cyber Pirates

We reached out to Pascal Hetzscholdt, Principal Consultant at Cartesian, for more insight into:

  • How businesses can shield critical data from budding cyber vulnerabilities
  • Cyber security technology like encryption tools, anonymization and the cloud that could help to improve cybersecurity programs
  • Ways to assess readiness for a cyber event
  • And the future of combatting piracy within the next 2-5 years