The Reality of Piracy in the Software Industry

Past summit speaker Keith Kupferschmid, General Counsel & SVP at SIIA Intellectual Property Protection, discusses corporate end-user enforcement, breaks down his take on internet enforcement, and delves into grey market enforcement issues in this past presentation.

Microsoft PlayReady: Premium Content Protection Strategies

Past summit speaker Andrew Jenks, Senior Program Manager, PlayReady Content Protection at Microsoft, discusses PlayReady hardware security evolutions, implementation options, governance programs, and more!

Cryptocurrencies: Threats and Opportunities in Digital Media

Past summit speaker Dr. GJ van Rooyen, CEO of Custos Tech, shows what cryptocurrencies are and how pirates use them, how Bitcoin can be used to protect content, the trends, risks, and opportunities in the space, and more!

Homeland Security Investigations Curbing Illegal Streaming: The Investigation and the Case

Jim Hayes describes the three tiers of operation in HSI websites: Criminal Investigation Arrest, Seizure of Assets and Domain Name Seizure. These tiers have helped the agency prioritize how to identify and arrest owners and operators of the infringing websites, and more.

Protecting Your Digital Supply Chain and Cloud Services

Dave Lewis, Director, Anti-Piracy Services, Microsoft Corporation, discusses the software company's program fraud detection, management and prevention using comprehensive global cross-discipline approaches and business intelligence.

Into the Future: International Copyright Law

Michael Schlesinger of Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp LLP, and a Professional Lecturer in Law at the George Washington University School of Law the four factors in Modern Protection: 1.) Economic (Trade)/Cultural Development 2.) Rule of Law 3.) Government Will and 4.)Accountability/Responsibility/Self-help.

Content Protection: Understanding your peers' perspective

Andrew Jenks, Senior Program Manager, PlayReady Content Protection at Microsoft, explores the types of technological protective measures available to you, analyzes the most effective protective measures for your business, discusses the various devices used by infringers to circumvent, remove, or disable technologies used to protect content, and more!

Is on-demand streaming the answer to your piracy problems?

Some Content Owners are now making content more affordable and accessible through streaming. This is with the expectation that if content is easier to access piracy will be reduced. However, though this concept is logical, it appears that pirates are using this opportunity to increase their infringement efforts. A presentation by Dr. David Price, Head of Anti-Piracy Research and Analysis at IFPI.

Using Technology and the Law to Combat Piracy

explore how to develop an effective anti-piracy program that will work for your team, identify the different methods of going after infringers such as issuing take down notices, join forces with law enforcement etc. and explain how to identify these pirates. Presentation by Joel Schwarz, Senior Director, Global Internet and Data AnalyticsBSA, The Software Alliance.