19 - 21 August, 2019
Novotel Singapore on Stevens, Singapore

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View the full agenda - 5th Annual Asia Pricing & Revenue Management Summit

The 5th annual Asia Pricing & Revenue Management Summit is set to return on 20-21 August in Singapore. Join our esteemed line of speakers and gain insights as they offer insights on how the ...

Past Presentations

2018 Past Presentation - Maximising your pricing potential

2018 Past Presentation from Tom Quinn, Commercial Lead, Acumen Commercial Insights

2018 Past Presentation - Value Creation with Pricing in the Age of Digital Disruption

2018 Past Presentation from Muhammad Taqi Riaz, Vice President, Head of Pricing & Value Management, Telenor Group

2018 Past Presentation - Risk Management & Pricing

2018 Past Presentation from Samir Kagrana, Senior Director & Asia Pacific Head, Strategic Pricing & Negotiations, IQVIA

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Read the Interview - What is Twitter’s Approach to a Successful Pricing Strategy?

The Asia Pricing Summit team conducted a virtual Q&A with Erik Szobota, Director, Global Yield and Pricing at Twitter in their NYC office on how the tech giant is examining new revenue and pricing models. We discuss successful pricing strategies and collaboration as well as key areas of focus for...

Read the Article - Why Dynamic Pricing is an Advantage in B2B

In this article we exploreWhy dynamic pricing is an advantage in the B2B world and why B2B brands should incorporate itHow you can make it work within your B2B business and what the benefits areAnd how it can support your human workforce

Read the Article - Aligning Functions through Best Practice: A Roadmap to Commercial Excellence

While attaining true commercial excellence involves a wide range of programs, market leaders are experiencing notable success when the key functions of sales, marketing, pricing and customer services are working together, as one. By aligning these functions and giving them the means to collaborate effectively, companies can expect to make...

Read the Article - Is Value-Based Pricing Really Worth It?

Pricing is re-emerging as an actively-pursued strategy because it can make a difference in sales, as well as attracting new customers. Value-based pricing has returned to the fore. Some pricing specialists. But to what extent does value-based pricing work as an affective profit lever? Is it really worth the effort?

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Asia Pricing and Commercial Excellence Report

Where does pricing and revenue management sit within your organisation? Has the focus on it grown over the last few years? What about the top factors affecting your strategies? We asked leaders in the industry how things sat within their businesses. With over 80% of respondents saying that the focus...

How Data Analytics Can Improve Pricing Decisions

The flood of data now available can help companies with an opportunity to make better pricing decisions. Once big data’s complexity is mastered, the value is substantial. Use analytic tools to better understand how your pricing structure affects the overall business in three key areas: OPPORTUNITIES, COMPETITORS, QUALITATIVE

Unlocking Value With Your Pricing Strategy

In recent years pricing strategies have undergone a renaissance inbusiness with value-based pricing becoming increasingly recognised as aneffective way to raise profits. To help, IQPC conducted a research with pricingprofessionals from well known companies and produced this eBook to give you someinsight about some of the most effective pricing strategies...

Innovative Pricing Strategies eBook

The proliferation of prices has made pricing more difficult but far more rewarding if a business can successfully adopt an effective pricing strategy.  To know more about the innovative pricing strategies, download this Ebook now

The Pricing Strategy Handbook: Part 1

Whilst businesses can benefit greatly from an effective pricing strategy, in practice, few actually manage to make long-term meaningful improvements. Many would rather cut costs rather than increase their prices, fearing that any change could turn away customers. To help, in part 1 of this eBook we have compiled five...

The Pricing Strategy Handbook: Part 2

In part 2 of this eBook we outline the fundamentals of an effective B2B pricing strategy, identify the unhelpful pricing myths you need to dispel and examine the effectiveness of analytics towards price optimisation.

Your loyalty, discount & rebate game plan

LafargeHolcim's APAC Head of Pricing & Margin Management Jesper Hansson shared their best practices in managing the loyalty, discount & rebate program in a pricing & revenue management perspective.

Driving Sustainable Revenue and Margin Growth Through Strategic Pricing and Price-Pack Architecture

Want to learn more about the pricing and PPA in action? Download the presentation from Modelez about leveraging strategic pricing and PPA to expand our brands and platforms to new consumers & occasions.

Pricing Strategy Proposal for Commodity Products: Declining Block Pricing and Contract Pricing

Eric R. Robles Pricing, Commercial Operations – Research & Applied Emerging Asia, Middle East & Africa from Merck shared their best practices in pricing strategies at 2nd Annual Asia Pricing & Revenue Management Summit.

Innovation Pricing in the Digital Age: An Asian Perspective

The Digital Age, also known as the 'Age of Disruption', has already given rise to many phenomenally successful examples of how traditional pricing structures can be reimagined and in some cases completely reengineered. From Amazon to Google, from Uber to AirBnB, digital disruptors have forced businesses across the world, from almost every industry, to...

5 Key Pricing Challenges in Asias Competitive Business Environment

Asia represents one of the most heterogeneous, complex, competitive and rapidly-evolving regional markets in the world. While this offers companies unprecedented opportunities to deliver their product to vast numbers of consumers who are growing wealthier and more digitally sophisticated, (China’s middle class alone is expected to triple its spending to...

Upholding Brand Standards and Propelling Corporate Pricing Strategies Towards Commercial Excellence

Download the presentation from Mayank Srivastava, Director - Finance & Strategy at Kellogg Asia Pacific to know more about the improving your pricing strategies towards commercial excellence

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Asia Pricing & Revenue Management Summit - 2017-2018 Attendee List

Take a look at the Past attendee list to see the likes of who you will get to meet and network with at the upcoming summit. Past attending companies include: AXA, BP, Citi, Dell, ExxonMobil, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, PayPal, Philips, and more!