Dr Annie McAuley

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Start Ups: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

12:00 PM Panel Discussion: How Do You Enable Disruptive Technology in an Industry that is Slow Moving?

Besides branding and positioning, commercial success is ultimately about pro-creation between the end user and start up. However, the healthcare industry is fundamentally not very agile, rigid or dynamic, making it challenging for start ups to collaborate with them. This panel will explore strategies for introducing new and disruptive technology to and improving engagement with end users, including:

  • Greater collaboration to align the product with expectations and get the right messaging across
  • Using change management and consumer engagement tools throughout the implementation process to help them integrate new technology into their environment
  • Educating clinicians to build trust and raise awareness around the benefits of the technology to help manage natural resistance to change
  • Balancing the needs and expectations between start ups and larger organisations to foster a collaborative and progressive partnership

12:30 PM Top tips for Fast Tracking Your Healthcare Start Up into Commercialisation

Fast track your start up by knowing who, what, when and how to secure a large sum with an investor. Annie will share top tips for how she prepared and justified her business case to successfully secure $750,000 in funding.

Learn how to:
  • Choose the right investor is not just about the money: Ask yourself – can you work with them through the whole journey? Do you have an aligned goal?
  • Make sure you know your stuff! Engage a business coach to develop business acumen, build your network, do your own number crunching to map out the growth and potential value
  • Keep it simple stupid: Less is more for your business case
  • Forecast 5 years and beyond: It’s a challenge, but you need to think about it