Driving Cyber Resilience and Adapting to a New Normal Threat Environment, Through Preparation, Training and Awareness

Thursday 20 May 2021  I  9:30AM - 1:00PM (AEST)

Cyber Security for Healthcare Online Event Agenda - Day 1

9:30 am - 9:35 am Opening Remarks from the Chair

In this session Ashwin Ram will provide a brief update on the current threat landscape and what this means for the healthcare industry. He will share insights on how cyber criminals and nation state threat actors are using COVID-19 as a theme against the healthcare industry.

Ashwin will wrap up with some key security recommendations to prevent attacks and protect patient zero. 


Ashwin Ram

Cyber Security Evangelist - Office of the Chief Technology Officer
Check Point Software Technologies

10:30 am - 11:15 am Developing a streamlined digital environment that will transform and uplift capabilities and security at Tū Ora Compass Health

Alistair Vickers - Chief Information Officer, Tū Ora Compass Health NZ
  • Understanding how to manage and secure the volume of structured and unstructured data generated in the healthcare sector
  • Developing and implementing an organisation wide program with a data management security
  • Examining the complexities of developing an organisation wide digital transformation program in an operational environment with minimal BAU disruption
  • Engaging with technical and non-technical stakeholders and collaborating with peers and government to strengthen data management practices

Alistair Vickers

Chief Information Officer
Tū Ora Compass Health NZ

According to the Office of the Australian Information Commission (OAIC), the health sector reported the most breaches under the notifiable data break scheme, making up 23% of all breaches from July to December 2020.

Threat actors are being drawn to healthcare due to the critical data that holds, and security measures which can sometimes be out of date. With this in mind, join this cyber security panel discussion to hear how industry leaders are responding to the modern threat landscape.

·        What good news stories can you share regarding training, tools and initiatives that you have rolled out within your organisations

·        How can the industry adapt to current security challenges given the complexity of the hybrid public/ private system in Australia?

·        How can we implement security measures into the everyday operations of healthcare organisations


Richard Harrison

HealthAlliance NZ


Matthew Lord

Information Technology Security Manager
Ministry of Health New Zealand


Jeff Whitton

NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node


Simon Cowley

Principal Cybersecurity Officer
Victorian Department of Health


Varun Acharya

Head of Cyber Security - Threat Intelligence & Security Operations

12:30 pm - 1:15 pm Modern Identity Strategies for today’s healthcare IT

Mark Smith - Customer Identity and Access Management Specialist, Okta

Market and regulatory forces are driving Healthcare IT leaders to expand and modernize their digital strategies. Whether it is delivering applications and platforms to accommodate consumer-centric healthcare or fast paced M&A, successful IT leaders are focusing on initiatives that are meant to profoundly impact the healthcare value chain and reinvent operations. Identity is central to this transformation. 

In this session you will learn how:

  • Legacy identity platforms sub optimize key transformational projects
  • Okta's modern identity platform helps accelerate digital transformation 
  • A modern identity platform improves and further secures patient, caregiver & employee experience

Mark Smith

Customer Identity and Access Management Specialist