Driving a resilient, holistic & sustainable approach to security across the digital health ecosystem

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Cyber Security for Healthcare Online Event Agenda - Day 1


Kostas Kyrifidis

Statutory Director, Governance, Audit, Strategy & Risk
Victorian Security Institute

9:35 am - 10:15 am Building Healthcare Cybersecurity Resilience : Lessons learnt from the recent attacks

Ashwin Ram - Cyber Security Evangelist, Check Point Software
  • Recent healthcare cyber incidents in our region
  • What are the security challenges and risks in healthcare
  • How to ensure resilience across an entire IT environment now and in the future

Ashwin Ram

Cyber Security Evangelist
Check Point Software

10:30 am - 11:15 am Australian Digital Health Cyber Security Centre: Strengthening Australia’s Response to Cyber Security Threats in Healthcare

Anthony Kitzelmann - Chief Information Security Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Through an open, transparent and collaborative approach, the Australian Digital Health Agency is working with the health system to drive better health for all Australians, enabled by seamless, safe and secure digital health services and technologies.

This session will explore how the Agency is maximising its resources and partnerships to improve the security of digital healthcare in Australia. Attend this session to learn about:

  • Security awareness and training: strategies to ensure the healthcare workforce is equipped to recognise and manage risks
  • Cyber security partnerships: establishing partnerships between healthcare and organisations from the government and the private sector, such as the Australian Cyber Security Centre, to leverage shared experience and build cyber resilience
  • Securing digital health from the outset: implementing security into the design stage of national digital health systems, and supporting healthcare organisations to select secure IT products and services

Anthony Kitzelmann

Chief Information Security Officer
Australian Digital Health Agency

Join us to hear Okta customer Dan Beeston from Juniper Aged Care and Okta’s own Mark Smith discuss how to extend the power of cloud to simplify and secure the way your employees, customers and partners connect to technology. In this session we’ll be highlighting: 

• Juniper- a Uniting Church Communities journey with Okta

• How to further improve your security, productivity and user experience

• How to streamline your cloud and legacy applications in the stack 


Dan Beeston

ICT Manager
Juniper - A Uniting Church Community


Mark Smith

Senior Solutions Engineer

Cyber security experts are warning that due to reliance on remote services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s digital healthcare networks are not as secure as they should be.

IT data security has significantly changed to allow for access from remote sources which would previously be denied. Hear from industry leaders about how they are maintaining network security during a pandemic.

  • How challenging is to secure data when up to 90% of the workforce is working remotely?
  • What initiatives, training, tools and processes are being rolled out to respond to protect patient data?
  • How can big data and artificial intelligence be used to increase cyber resilience?
  • What are the benefits of having a unified and centralised voice in response to cyber security threats?
  • Why should health services collaborate rather than looking for individual solutions?

Grant Lockwood

Chief Information Security Officer
Victorian Department of Health & Human Services


Anthony Kitzelmann

Chief Information Security Officer
Australian Digital Health Agency


Jorge Silveira

Chief Digital Health Officer
Virtus Health

1:15 pm - 1:20 pm Closing Remarks from Chair