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7 things you need to know to create a robust ERM framework

This article explores 7 tips government organisations can consider to create an effective Enterprise Risk Management Framework. 

Measuring Risk Maturity at the Department of Social Services: Enhancing in-house risk management capabilities to drive continuous improvement

In this article, Drewe Mitchell, Assistant Director, Enterprise Risk Management at the Department of Social Services (DSS), explores the ways to measure risk maturity, the steps they are taking to improve their risk culture to drive internal risk capabilities and the lessons learned from their journey to date.

Creating an effective risk prioritisation framework at the ATO

In this article, Jo Graefe, Enterprise Tax Crime Risk Manager/Tax Gap Project Manager Australian Taxation Office (ATO), explores the core elements of the ATO’s risk prioritisation framework and how the organisation is managing risk at a corporate level to ensure organisational capability and business resilience.

How to build an effective risk culture in government

In this report, we asked four key enterprise risk management professionals to share the biggest challenges they’re facing when it comes to developing an effective risk culture and the steps they are taking to overcome these challenges to build a sound and robust risk culture, that is aligned with their overall risk management framework.

iCare: How to Build Fit for Purpose and Proactive Enterprise Risk Management Culture

Ahead of the ERM for Government Summit 2018 we chat to Gavin Pearce, Chief Risk Officer at iCare New South Wales. In this article Gavin shares with us how iCare worked to build and implement effective ERM frameworks from scratch which encourage a culture of transparency, proactivity and innovation. 

Effective Risk Management with Resource Investment and Training

Ahead of the ERM for Government Summit 2018 we chat to Kylie McKiernan, Chief Risk Officer at the Northern Sydney Local Health District (Northern Sydney LHD). In this Q&A Kylie chats to us about building effective risk management capabilities through resource investment and training, and delves into how best to engage the workforce in ERM through risk culture.

5 Steps to Build an Effective & Secure Enterprise Risk Management Programme

An effective enterprise risk management (ERM) programme is a crucial foundation to help mitigate risks, whether internal or external. Taking the time, money and energy required to build out a thorough ERM program exemplifies the diligence of the organisation in protecting its clients and its business from unnecessary and avoidable harm.  

Ahead of the ERM for Government Summit 2018 we explore the development of an effective ERM programme in just five simple steps.