Emerging Conversations on the Right Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance in Pursuit of Future Organisational Objectives

In this presentation from ERM for Government 2017 Barnaby Pace, Risk Manager at Hamilton City Council explores:

  • Understanding and monitoring how constant, uncontrollable changes in risk will affect your organisation’s future risk appetite and tolerance to ensure better depletion of resources
  • Realising the clashes in individual risk appetite and government tolerance and its affect in developing statements that help define and frame the risk culture and allocation of resources
  • How to create opportunities for discussion around considerations into external and internal factors that can influence risk tolerance to better meet objectives

Embracing the Softer Side to Improve Performance of Risk Culture

In this presentation from ERM for Government 2017 Ben Gully, Chief Risk Officer at the Australian Prudential Regulation Authorityexplores:

  • Insights into the risk culture at APRA and the work the organisation is engaging in to improve their approach towards improving use and performance to define effectiveness
  • How to make your risk management seem more real – breaking out of the compliance perspective and obligations to embrace the ‘softer characteristics’ of risk management
  • Discovering how to measure your organisation’s performance in risk management and the advantages it has on your risk culture

Managing Risk Ownership For Better Allocation of Shared Risk

In this presentation from ERM for Government 2017 Deslea Selmes, Risk and Governance Author explores:

  • Leveraging and developing meaningful key risk indicators to measure risk performance
  • Overcoming the challenges in allowing staff to be engaged and proactive in risk responsibilities
  • Boosting risk culture to embed risk management into day to day activities 

Enhancing Resilience and Response in Emergency and Disaster Risk Management

In this presentation from ERM for Government 2017 Edward Pikusa, Principal Flood Management Officer at the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resourcesexplores:

  • Overcoming risks around unpredictable natural disasters
  • Investing to ensure communities and organisations are developing risk averse cultures.
  • Building plans and frameworks for to change projections of response. 

The Risk of Risk Management

In this presentation from ERM for Government 2017 Gavin Pearce, Chief Risk Officer at iCare NSWexplores:

  • People, people and people – switching the focus of risk management towards the people and ensuring people value align with the organisation
  • Exploring the responsibility of Chief Risk Officers and the elements of engaging down and managing up to deliver the right action in forming a risk culture as a risk manager
  • Diagnosing and changing the way we look at culture, and the practical ways of utilising a framework to develop a line of defence against risk negativity