31 October - 01 November, 2019 | Sir Stamford Circular Quay, Sydney, NSW

Interactive Workshops

Workshop A

9:00 am - 11:30 am Developing On-Campus Commercial Partnerships for Innovation Precincts to Create Better Opportunities for Students

The development of on-campus commercial partnerships for innovation precincts have allowed universities to create better opportunities for their students, allowing them to have new skills to be job industry ready. In response, the commercial partner has the opportunity to teach and mould students through practical experience. As a result of these partnerships, innovation precincts have become more prominent in society due to its economic and social impact. 

By attending this workshop you will (key takeaways):
  • Identify the benefits of a on-campus commercial partnerships to determine it’s value within an innovation precinct
  • Create a criteria to determine which industry should be prioritised when developing a commercial partnership
  • Demonstrating different strategies to  engage with researchers to understand what they require
  • Providing funding models to make sure projects have the opportunities for funding and contributions

This session will be most beneficial for industry professionals in roles relating to precincts/ commercial partnerships/strategic partnerships/innovation/ corporate relations and estates.

Facilitator: Philipp Dautel, Director: Tonsley Precinct
Philipp Dautel, Tonsley Precinct Director at Tonsley

Philipp Dautel

Tonsley Precinct Director

Workshop B

12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Using Strategic Planning to Design a Unique Campus Master Plan and Gain a Competitive Advantage

To realise their journey to a smart campus, universities must embrace change and explore not only the new smart technologies available, but also the skills, capability and strategic planning necessary to enable transformation. This session will map out the strategic steps universities need to take and the trends that are shaping the smart campus operating environment.

  • Exploring the new roles, responsibilities and capability required to coordinate and deploy  innovation and digital technologies across your campus
  • The project directors role in leading strategic change for the benefit of all stakeholders on campus
  • Examining the smart technologies and infrastructure required to enable a connected campus
  • The governance of  implementing a  smart campus master plan within a community

This session will be most beneficial for industry professionals in roles relating to campus planning/ management, space planning/management and project directors/managers.

Bernard McLaughlin, Project Director at University of Glasgow

Bernard McLaughlin

Project Director
University of Glasgow