Driving Technology and Wellbeing Initiatives to Strengthen the Agile Workforce

With organisations leveraging agile-ways-of-working, new operating models and reporting structures, focus is all on employee experience to empower the new-age employee to achieve their personal as well as business outcomes.

With this in mind, from the creators of the Next Generation Workplaces series, we're excited to bring you Future Offices Australia!. As Australia’s leading and longest running next generation workplace conference, the focus for this summit is on how to leverage the physical design of your environment together with your business’ digital capabilities to better the employee experience and ultimately the business outcomes as a result. Key focus areas to enable this are:

  • Innovating workplace design to maximise ROI and employee wellbeing
  • Employing new digital technologies to enable maximised workplace innovations
  • Creating a strategy & roadmap to transition staff to an agile working environment

Featured Speakers

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Key Case Studies

Cisco outline how they use digital technologies to better workforce engagement and productivity

Hub Australia advise on how best to use office design to increase satisfaction among workers and further the attainment of business objectives

Vicinity Centres discuss how they are adopting strategies to ensure their operations align with the agile world and that their employee engagement and retention is high

Tankstream Labs share the creative work behind designing workplaces which are innovative, collaborative and address the needs of the workforce

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