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Preparing for Future Cyber Threats to Aircraft

In this inside look with Peter Skaves, CSTA of the FAA. Peter Skave will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Future Connected Aircraft Summit, running December 6-7 in Dallas, TX. The following interview provides an overview of what Skaves will discuss in further detail onsite. Join us to dive into all things aviation, aircraft, and more!

The Connectivity Takeoff

Connected Aircraft is the future. From in-flight WiFi to predictive maintenance technologies, connectivity is changing the capabilities of aviation as we know it. These changes have the potential to save airlines and the aviation industry as a whole a significant amount of money in the long term. This infographic breaks down which areas are poised to save the most and by what means. 


Peter Skaves, Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor for Advanced Avionics at the FAA offers a comprehensive overview of  Aircraft Systems Information Security Protection (ASISP) from an FAA AVS perspective.  The FAA solution set includes safety, security, and environment. Skaves will be a speaker at the upcoming Future Connected Aircraft Event, running December 5-7th, 2018 in Dallas TX.

Flying Into the Future

In preparation of the Future Connected Aircraft Forum, peruse this piece on how to futureproof to ensure long term success. Futureproofing is one of major concerns for airlines considering adopting this new technological trend. There are ways to safeguard against obsolescence and to maintain relevancy as software and technology changes.

Path to Affordable MEA

This presentation by Honeywell Chief Engineer Electromechanical Power Systems, Evgeni Ganev, serves to highlight the benefits of MEA and how we can achieve these with a comprehensive to do list of component- and architectural solutions for overall cost reductions in More Electric Aircraft.

Safran Research & Technology for More Electric Aircraft

Safran on MEA technology challenges and opportunities:

  • Research and technology activities in MEA
  • Technology challenges and opportunities
  •  Propulsion

by John Batchelet, Chief Engineer Electronics Safran

Emirates crew use smartphones to take Business Class passengers’ F&B orders

The airline industry is taking its first steps in this digitally-enabled F&B service. Besides the handful of airlines – including Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines, FlyDubai and Virgin America – that allow passengers to place orders via the in-seat IFE system