Delivering complex rail projects and stations that enhance customer experience, urban development and ensure operational efficiency

By 2024, Australia’s investment into metro will aim to increase capacity by 60% across all train lines. From digital technology and automated trains, to multi-modal transport integration, the Government’s promise to deliver faster, safer and more reliable trains will not only boost customer experience, but also create a community of travel and commercial interests.

To support this transformation, the 2nd Metro Rail Stations & Terminals 2019 will feature bespoke case studies and presentations from Sydney Metro, Melbourne Metro Rail, Transport for NSW, Sustainability Council of Australia, and more, to inspire you with strategies to deliver successful complex rail projects.

Join over 12+ speakers experienced in Australia’s leading rail and station projects with lessons learned, key factors to consider, and latest technological trends that will help you refine your project.

  • Transparency in the procurement process
  • Stakeholder collaboration
  • Innovative and cost-effective architectural designs
  • Future technologies in Australian rail
  • Integration of effective risk controls
  • Sustainable stations to drive cost reduction
  • Design for the customer
  • Reducing congestion and minimising safety concerns

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What Will Be Covered?

Interactive Sessions

Reinventing the delivery of complex rail projects to improve efficiency and effectiveness by examining stakeholder engagement and communication strategies

Real Situation Analysis

Improving customer experience through the utilization of big data and drawing on international experience

ISO Technical Committee

Examining the value of urban development in rail and station construction and its role in creating significant economic returns

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Exploring the integration of multi-modal transport in current and future stations and terminals

Networking Opportunities

Examining the testing and commissioning of Sydney’s Metro Northwest project as it prepares for operation  

Who you will meet:

  •  Tunnels Infrastructure Manager
  •  Manager Metro Rail Project Managers
  •  Rail Infrastructure Projects Managers/Station Infrastructure and Architects
  •  Signalling Project Director
  •  Design Managers, System Architects
  •  Head Geotechnical/Survey – Rail
  •  Federal, State and Local Government
  •  Construction
  •  Consulting Engineers
  •  Investors
  •  Architects
  •  Transport – rail operators
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