Nordic IPR: Adapting your IP strategies to the world around you

As the Nordics continue to adapt to the ongoing global and economic challenges, the need to strategise, monetize, manage and protect IP portfolios to remain unchanged.

The last few years have seen a huge shift in the innovative and collaborative nature that many industries are having to take whilst navigating rapidly growing and complex digital technologies. As such, it is now more vital than ever for different industries to consider open innovation and fair, standardised patent licensing, and to ensure growth and development around the Nordics does not stagnate, but continues to prosper.

As the only industry-agnostic IP focused event dedicated to the Nordics, the Nordic IPR Summit will bring together heads of IP departments, and senior in-house counsel to offer you solutions from your industry peers to the most pressing IP challenges. These challenges include:

    • What do we consider as today’s IP fundamentals and how should we set up for success
    • Navigating a digital minefield and industry 4.0: What the likes of AI, Data Analytics, RPA and the Cloud mean in the context of patents and IPR 
    • FRAND or foe? What do we consider fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory to really mean? 
    • Trade secret strategies: How to protect from domestic and international threats

2021 Expert Speakers Joining Us

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With various partnership opportunities including speaking presentations, virtual discussion groups and one-to-one meetings Nordic IPR allows you to meet your key prospects and engage with our strong community in a focused setting.

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Networking Opportunities

    Connect online with 100’s of Heads of IP, Heads of Patents and Chief Counsels from industries including Software, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Life Science, Telecoms, Gaming and many more

    Take the opportunity to hear from inspiring speakers and thought-leaders tackling the biggest challenges facing IPR professionals in the Nordic markets

Interactive, Informative and Challenging

    Tackle the most prominent challenges of those working in the Nordic IP sphere, as well as the impact the region has on a global scale

    Select from visionary case studies, facilitated roundtables, in-depth master-classes and dialogue-driven panels

100% Digital

    Short, concise and practical sessions that allow you to create your own agenda that works for you, around your diary

    Available on-demand, at your convenience, so you can watch any sessions you missed or re-watch those sessions you loved!

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