Interviews with Industry Leaders

The DOE on the Longest Road to U.S. Infrastructure Security

You could almost make the argument that Bill Bryan has built his entire career as a microcosm of his plan for the U.S.’ electric infrastructure. In this exclusive interview with former Power Grid Resilience Chairperson William “Bill” Bryan, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration at the Department of Energy, and current President of VB Energy Group, you'll see a detailed profile on the importance of public/private partnerships, the ever-evolving industry changes brought on by the CIP-14, and more. 

Protecting Your Assets from Natural and Physical Attacks

In this interview, former Power Grid Resilience speaker Richard Wernsing, Manager of Asset Strategy and Electric at Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G), discusses how to conduct systemic and local analysis to evaluate equipment critically, how to protect key assets, and how to stay aware of potential threats - both deliberate and natural - through the hardening of critical infrastructure.