2018 Speakers
March 26 - 28, 2018
Hyatt Regency O’Hare

Sponsors & Exhibitors


The Security Oracle
Website: http://www.thesecurityoracle.com

The Security Oracle Inc.’s Artificial Intelligence Security Appliance is a Game-Changer for Grid Resilience Teaming with Bosch Security Systems, Inc. and Gallagher Security, The Security Oracle Inc. (TSO) promotes defense-in-depth best practices for protecting critical assets and transforms physical security from passive detection to real-time situational awareness and accelerated response... Read More

Senstar Corporation
Website: http://www.senstar.com

Senstar Corporation has been manufacturing, selling and supporting the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensor technologies for close to 30 years. In tens of thousands of sites, in more than 80 countries, the company’s products provide reliable detection of intruders as soon as they enter restricted or sensitive... Read More

ProTech USA
Website: http://www.protechusa.com/

Since 1980, PROTECH has been designing, manufacturing and marketing perimeter intrusion detection systems to protect personnel, property and assets at sensitive sites. We manufacture systems that give early warning of potential threats at the perimeter, for example, detecting an intruder before they are able to access a building or facility. Read More

Cochrane USA
Website: http://www.cochraneusa.com/

Cochrane USA are world leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of unique physical perimeter barriers. We continually innovate, develop and refine patented fencing systems that are defense tested and upgradable according to security risk. We offer solutions that are modular and scalable, effectively protecting a variety of critical assets... Read More

Website: http://complytec.com/

ComplyTec is a leading provider of business-driven security and risk management solutions to critical sectors including utilities, financial, government and healthcare.  We provide software solutions and consulting services to assist organizations to establish and maintain NERC reliability standards compliance and reporting, quantify business and IT risk, and track events. We provide... Read More

American Integrated Security Group (AISG)
Website: http://www.aisg-online.com/

American Integrated Security Group (AISG) delivers innovative integrated security systems with full-service expertise and resources to design, deploy, service, and monitor in vertical markets. Our strong partnerships help us to achieve sustainable results across industries for the continued success of our clients. Read More

Website: http://www.honeywell.com

Honeywell provides open, scalable and sustainable solutions for the Utility Markets.  Honeywell is a manufacturer of integrated software to manage your access control, dual factor authentication including multiple biometric readers support, Video Management, Video Analytics, Visitor Management, all tied into  our Compliance Manager Reporting System to make your audits simpler... Read More

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