Mitigating Risk with Research and Development

In this presentation from last year's Power Grid Resilience Summit, Rob Manning, Vice President, Transmission at EPRI, touches on understanding probability and consequence, high impact low frequency (HILF) events, cyber security, and more, in terms of the future of electricity.

Black Sky Hazards and Best Practices for Grid Resilience

Chris Beck, Vice President for Policy and Strategic Initiatives, EIS Council, provides examples of specific Black Sky Hazards, as well as their potential consequences and ways to combat them in this presentation from the last iteration of the Power Grid Resilience Summit.

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

In this presentation from 2016's Power Grid Resilience Summit, Mark Weatherford, Principal, The Chertoff Group, talks about the current threats to cyber-security, including foreign countries, espionage and hacktivist actors, and inside threats, as well as different ways to stop them.

Past Presentation Packet

In this Past Presentation Packet, Rob Manning from EPRI, Chris Beck from EIS Council, and Mark Weatherford from The Chertoff Group discuss some of the key topics from last year's Power Grid Resilience Summit, including strategies to mitigate risk with research and development, the best practices for grid resilience against Black Sky Hazards, and critical infrastructure cyber security.

Energy Resiliency Approaches for DoD Installations

Scott Van Broekhoven, Group Leader - Energy Systems at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, discusses resiliency solutions and methods, critical loads on DoD installations, analysis methodology, potential for ancillary services benefits, recommendations and much more!

Utilizing Advanced Resiliency Planning

From building huge walls around a substation to prevent effective line of sight to disguising the substation to resemble something else entirety, there are no shortage of methods to create an effective concealment plan. Malcolm Van Harte, Power System Resilience Manager at Eskom South Africa, discusses the methods utilized by the various utilities and their level of effectiveness.

Substation Automation and Risk Reduction

In this presentation, Petter Fiskerud, Program Manager Power Transformer Resiliency, ABB, talks about adding advanced intelligence systems to substations to allow for an unparalleled ability to detect and minimize substation faults and security concerns. It also allows human operators the ability to make more informed decisions, faster. This presentation dives into how substation automation is reshaping the face of utilities.