26 - 27 March, 2019 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

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Student Accommodation Summit 2019, held on the 26-27 March 2019, will delve into the new strategies student accommodation providers are using to cater to the growing demands of interstate and international students. With 16 sessions, industry professional speakers, intera ...

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Creating Student-Centric Spaces: Leveraging Stakeholder Engagement Engagement to Design Innovative Student Accommodation

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit 2019, we speak with Scott Walker, Deputy Registrar of Accommodation Services at ANU. The piece will explore how ANU have worked to design and develop accommodation spac ...

Student Accommodation Past Presentation Packet

In lead up to Student Accommodation 2019, we exclusively released a selection of past presentations from our 2018 event! Get your copy containing 70+ pages of insight from UNSW, University of Melbourne and Deakin University.

Developing Student-Friendly Spaces: Innovating Student Accommodation Design to Encourage On-Campus Living

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit, we speak to Cathy Denio Blake, Director of Campus Planning and Design at Stanford University, USA, one of the ...

Designing Competitive Student Accommodation: Leveraging Stakeholder Engagement to Drive Effective Project Delivery

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit 2019, Mick Serena, Managing Director at Strategic Asset & Facilities Management (SAFM) Solutions chat ...


Communal Spaces and Living Spaces: Battling the Under Supply and Affordability of Accommodation

In this presentation from the Student Accommodation Summit 2018 Ron De Haan, Director, Student Accommodation at the University of New South Wales explores; Accommodation models that enable better shared spaces and facilities as an affordable solution for studentsOvercoming the barriers to construction costs or planning restrictions with developers to continuously...

Expanding Deakin’s Residential Services and Student Experience

In this presentation from the Student Accommodation Summit 2018 Yonna Cowan, General Manager at Deakin Residential Services explores; Features of the internal apartments and open recreational space that enhances student comfortMeeting expectations: Creating a space that caters to all studentsWorking and communicating with the project team, stakeholders and communities to...

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Attracting Students Through Spaces that Accommodate Lifestyle and Education

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit 2018 we chat to Lisa Howard, Studio Principal at Taylor Cullity Lethlean (TCL). In this article Lisa shares details of Monash University’s Clayton Campus upgrade and delves into the benefits of investing in new student accommodation facilities that optimise students’ university experience.  

Effectively Collaborating with Stakeholders to Provide a Superior Student Experience

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit 2018 we chat to Micheal Rengers, Associate Director of Campus Life at UoA. In this Q&A Micheal shares details of how UoA is effectively utilising partnerships and stakeholder collaboration to create, develop and lease student accommodation options that allow their students to thrive from...

ANU’s New Home at SA5: Insights into the Student Satisfaction Driven Design and Development

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit 2018 we chat to Trevor Hamilton, Director at Nettleton Tribe. In this article Trevor chats to us about ANU’s new student accommodation, SA5, and explores some of the unique features and facilities being integrated to encourage student interaction and social experiences. 

Exploring Key Student Accommodation Design & Development Strategies

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit 2018 we explore the strategies Universities and Architects are employing to create student living facilities that meet modern needs and actually enhance the student experience.

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