Improving Aged Care in the Covid-19 Era through workforce training, innovation and business transformation

The emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created huge challenges for Australia’s Aged Care sector, who are fast tracking measures to keep residents and staff safe and limit the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in facilities.

A system already under strain must now adapt to a new normal, while continuing to provide quality care to residents and ensure services are operating effectively.

The Age Care in a COVID-19 Era is a two day Virtual Summit which will explored the key strategies Aged Care leaders can implement to improve customer experience, up-skill the workforce and ensure safe and quality care delivery in a new operating environment.

Never has there been a more important time for the Aged Care community of practice to come together to explore and debate important issues set to transform Aged Care now and in the future.

Learn About:

1. Resident Engagement and well being: keeping residents engaged and positive during a lockdown

2. Harnessing new technologies: implementing new ways to improve patient care and drive social connection

3. Workforce training & up skilling: Supporting and educating the workforce to deliver exceptional care in a challenging environment

4. Responding to a COVID-19 outbreak: adapting your business model to the ever changing challenge of COVID- 19


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