Dr Benjamin Cleveland

Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning and Associate Director of the Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN) The University of Melbourne

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

3:20 PM

Utilising Innovative Learning Spaces to Improve Teaching Skills

  • Understanding and improving teacher mindsets
  • Developing mechanisms to identify ‘teacher mindset’ characteristics
  • Developing strategies to assist teachers to maximise the opportunities offered to them by new learning spaces
  • Measuring the impact of new learning environments 

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

10:50 AM CASE STUDY: Australian Catholic University: Successfully Balancing Pedagogy, Technology and Spaces to deliver a Signature Next Generation Learning Space.

St Rita is embarking on a major campus upgrade with the development of a $40M learning precinct. The building is part of larger masterplan which reactivates underutilised parts of the campus.

The precinct incorporates a divisible performance theatre, music performance and recording spaces, and linked and reconfigurable learning spaces which facilitate collaborative activities, and social spaces. The building project has provided focus on initiatives supporting changing pedagogical practices, the involvement of staff and students in co-creation, the next generation of software based building management systems and AV, ubiquitous high density wireless connectivity, and the ability to link any space and content with any other space.

The project has successfully balanced Pedagogy, Technology and Spaces to deliver a signature next generation learning space.


11:20 AM CASE STUDY: Deakin University: Enabling Active and Collaborative Learning through Innovative Technology Forward Space Design

Deakin University are transforming their Melbourne Burwood Campus by upgrading several existing buildings and creating new buildings.

This session will explore:
  • Finding non-intrusive ways of measuring what works
  • Exploring active learning in the classroom
  • Early lecturer involvement and the stakeholder engagement process
  • Future proofing classroom design

11:50 AM Building Connections: Schools as Community Hubs – Towards Evidence-Based Decision Making

In the next decade, Australia will need up to 700 new schools to meet the demands of a growing population. This presents a significant opportunity to embed new knowledge about the role that indoor and outdoor spaces can play in developing and supporting communities across the country. Building Connections is investigating how best to plan, design, govern and manage schools to operate successfully as ‘more than a school’, encouraging the development of resilient and connected communities.

This session will explore:
  • School planning, design, governance and use/management
  • Evaluation of the social and economic benefits of community hub schools
  • Geo-spatial mapping of community use of school facilities
  • Local and international government policy case studies

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