Can esports be a part of the Olympics

With heightened activity surrounding esports in major sporting tournaments the question on everyone’s lips is can it also be a part of the Oympics? In this report we examine the debates surrounding esports and the Olympics and why it could be a commercial game changer for the industry.

How sustainable is the esports industry?

There’s no doubt that the esports market is going from strength to strength. Newzoo reports by 2021 global esports revenues are predicted to rocket to $1.65bn. Yet as it becomes an expensive business, can developers and publishers still make money? Can teams rely on the income solely from esports? How sustainable a model is it? 

This article explores the longevity of esports and how sustainable a market it is. 

  • What differing models are publishers exploring to bring in revenue?
  • How can esports make sure fans are getting access to great competitions? And what power do the fans hold over its success?
  • What will determine the pace of growth?