Key Themes of Discussion in 2017 Included

The 8th Global IP Exchange will bring together over 120 senior IP decision makers to translate IP strategies into business action. With IP now recognised as a vital business asset, it is essential that IP owners:

  • Establish a strong IP strategy
  • Communicate a strong IP strategy properly
  • Set solid objectives within the IP strategy
  • Ensure that such objectives can be found on the corporate register.

IP strategy is not just a passing trend. Where is your strategy today? Where do you want your IP strategy to be? How will you get there?

By joining this popular invitation only meeting for chief IP officers, directors of IP, heads of patent, trademark, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting, plus a selected group of innovative solution providers, you will be able to establish a strong IP strategy, after gaining insight across a range of top challenges in 2017:

IP Protection and Enforcement

An efficient and effectively protected and enforced IP infrastructure is a necessity in 2017 to ensure the stimulation of investment in innovation and to avoid commercial-scale IPR infringements that result in economic harm. Global IP Exchange will explore numerous avenues, including assessing the changing IP landscape to standardise your global portfolio and implementing best practice across unknown territories through tried and tested strategies from colleagues and partners on the ground.


Post Brexit, do you know which EU trademarks and designs to prioritise for action or protection? Have you thought about pulling out duplicate rights to identify which EU rights overlap with existing UK registrations? Alongside weeding out the waste, ring fencing core rights and considering associated effects, Global IP Exchange will provide case studies on how to protect trademark registrations and ensure valid monitoring.

Competitive Intelligence

Are you looking for that ‘golden ticket’ as to how to take your operations to the next level? Are you interested in seeing what strategies other professionals employ, which partners others align themselves with in order to achieve their business aims (both foreign and domestic) and ultimately how they adapt drive themselves forward in unknown territories? Look no further. Global IP Exchange will highlight market leading competitive intelligence tools and how to use monitoring as a strategic advantage in 2017.

IP Strategy

With IP management higher on the corporate agenda than ever before, many organisations are finding new ways to enhance the strategic value of their IP portfolios. Global IP Exchange will examine:

  • The role of IP in enabling board buy in and educating the workforce
  • Leveraging IP in entering or exiting markets for the business
  • IP as a driving factor to provide change across the business


IP professionals are always looking for innovative ways to manage their legal spend. How can you achieve your goals whilst taking this into account? What are the best strategies to manage an efficient but lean IP department? Global IP Exchange will deep dive in to the best practices, the best tools and the best budgeting set ups to predict costs and most importantly – stick to them.


Commercialisation – the biggest words on IP professionals lips are valuation, monetisation, licensing and asset management. How do you determine the true value of your IP? How do you use the value of your IP to gain strategic investment from the business for other functions? What’s the best way to license your IP? Look no further – Global IP Exchange will provide both solution providers and best case examples from industry insiders as to how to value, sell and gain the most from your IP portfolio.

IP Portfolio Management

IP professionals always need to be in the best position to file and renew IP registrations all over the world. How do you ensure that you have the right level of support? Presenting case studies on the most efficient and cost effective methods of filing, renewals and day-to-day management systems is one of our key drivers in 2017, enabling introductions to contacts on the ground in emerging markets who can give you trusted advice when and where you need it.

Trade Secrets

Do you have a solid protection plan in place for your trade secrets? Now that the Board is aware of the importance of trade secrets to the company, what strategies are you implementing to protect them? Primarily, how are you preventing IP leakage and stopping your competitors from gaining your secrets? Global IP Exchange will highlight tried and tested techniques that are working in 2017 to protect companies from the breach of trade secrets and the greatest threats that you need to look out for, today.

Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting

Do you want to reduce the appeal of counterfeited goods and services through education? Do you find it difficult to coordinate efforts to successfully enforce offending groups together? Have you discovered the benefits from social media yet, to turn your customers into brand evangelists? Attend Global IP Exchange to observe the best strategies others employ, which partners they align themselves with (both foreign and domestic) and what they’re doing to prepare for a social- media driven world in 2017.

With a programme designed to help IP, patent and brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and trademark directors ensure their IP rights are exploited and protected in a way that is aligned with the commercial goals and objectives of the business, attendees will tailor their agenda by selecting case studies, lively panel debates, peer sharing roundtable discussions, interactive BrainWeave sessions and one-on-one business meetings.

To gain valuable insights into these areas and more, request an invite to the 2017 Global IP Exchange