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The Intersection Of Brand Protection & IP Enforcement In The Fight Against Counterfeits: Discussing Approaches To Managing Your Innovation Securely With A Robust Strategy

Thursday 10th September 2020 | 12pm - 1pm CEST


Intellectual Property Rights are integral for the protection of companies, creators and inventors to generate returns on investments in innovation and creativity. Yet, the ongoing and growing counterfeiting of IP, in countries such as China whom source over 80% of IP-infringing goods to the EU, poses huge threats to the integrity, safety and value of a brand. By committing to strengthening IP enforcement and implementing secure solutions to authenticate products, companies can help combat IP theft and abuse, and working collaboratively between brand protection & IP teams has never been so critical to achieve this.

In this Virtual Think Tank, senior IP leaders explore strategies to working collaboratively, gain transparency and decisive action in IP infringement:

  • What is the cost to enforcing? Discussing the perceived trade-offs when you begin to enforce and enter in to the ‘whack-a-mole’ game
  • Exploring approaches to safeguarding your brand with quality authentications and how to gather credible evidence to support your internal investigation
  • Discussing how to build a business case for IP enforcement strategies and deliver solutions to the legal team to gain internal momentum for your projects

Sponsored by SICPA

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