About IMA & IQPC

Event Partner: The International Microgrid Association (IMA)


The IMA’s vision is to unite companies with a global reach, operating in Western Australia, who are committed to building global microgrid capability by integrating emerging energy and information technologies to generate, distribute, and consume energy more efficiently, cleanly, and cost-effectively. 

The IMA will provide a forum where members representing a broad range of interests in the microgrid value chain can meet, exchange ideas, and work cooperatively on a common set of issues, with the goal of moving microgrids towards the digital, decarbonised, decentralised energy future.


The purpose of the International Microgrid Association is to identify key operational, technical and market issues, educate stakeholders, and foster the development and adoption of microgrid solutions, to enable a transformed electric power system.

Event Organisers: International Quality & Productivity Centre (IQPC Australia)

Website: https://www.iqpc.com

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