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PEX Network has hand-picked a series of case studies and thought leadership presentations regarding Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can learn from your peers who have already implemented RPA into their processes and learn from their experiences. In addition to these presentations we have made available a resource center for you on this page.
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Determining how best to measure contact center performance is one of the biggest business challenges. And that is only part of the battle. The more important part involves actually improving performance. It will begin by setting the stage: how do you measure performance in today’s “age of the customer centricity.” Specifically, it will reveal what constitutes a “great” customer experience. It will then move into solutions for delivering that great experience. The event will place specific attention on the role agents play in driving that performance. What are the best strategies for making agents happier, more knowledgeable, more empowered and, ultimately, more productive? What role can technology play in creating this team of customer-centric agents? In keeping with the results-oriented spirit of this event, all speakers will put their money where their mouths are. They will not bombard you with rhetoric about why you should become more customer-centric; they’ll instead reveal what they did, the results they achieved, and how you can do the same.
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n today’s landscape, finance leaders are tasked with maintaining an innovative and forward-thinking finance organization while executing their traditional roles and responsibilities surrounding a faster, transparent, and more accurate financial close. The reality is that many organizations are still struggling with manual reconciliation processes, lack of a single version of truth as well as strong financial controls. Join us in this webinar and find out: - How finance teams can drive value for the organization while maintaining efficiency, effectiveness, and control in performing its customary accounting and reporting functions? - How can automation of reconciliation and certification processes can lead to a more productive use of staff? - How period-end close activities does not have to be as tedious and time –consuming?
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General Dennis L Via, Commanding General, U.S. Army Materiel Command, discussed the procurement plans and challenges for the US Army in the coming year at International Armoured Vehicles.
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In this video, we take an inside look at how nib Health Funds, Baskin Robbins and Australia Post are integrating digital into their customer experience strategies, and the impact it is having on overall customer satisfaction ratings for each organisation.
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Widespread unemployment. Growing income equality. Poor quality of life. This is the brave new world that Julia Kirby, Editor at Large of the Harvard Business Review and Thomas H. Davenport, Professor of IT & Management at Babson College and Research Fellow at MIT, have been contemplating as they research their upcoming book, which will address the impacts of technology on the workforce.
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Richard Wallace is the Director of Transportation Systems Analysis at the Center for Automotive Research. He talks with John McElroy about when autonomous cars will be available to real consumers and what they will cost. Wallace asks: what premium would you pay for a car that can never crash?
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Recorded at OPEX Risk Management, Stephan Blasilli joins us and shares his German Italian Greek roots. His father was a chemist and Stephan grew up in an open minded environment. He traveled to Italy as a kid which inspired him to want to keep traveling further in life. Proficient in six sigma, Stephan admits that being a black belt is something that Americans see as much more valuable than do Germans. He further notes that he feels that Kaizen is successful in Japan because it’s not seen as a process at all- it’s a culture. But the key, no matter the country, is to have the right people. Finding efficiencies has been his life’s work and he shares learnings from his journey.
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Recorded at SSOW Tomasz Brzostowski joins us and discusses the keys to managing his millennial team. He has learned that other generations have politics inherent in our communication. He’s learned to put politics away when dealing with his team which contains mostly folks in their 20s. If you’re not real, you won’t be heard. Regarding his history, after spending time in tough job roles the Netherlands and Kuala Lampur building his global people management skills, and utilizing Dutch directness he he went back to Poland in another difficult position in shared services. Overall, Thomasz found that in managing people, especially non Gen X, non boomers, the best question is always why.
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Once a nurse, always a nurse, Lynn Skoczelas joins us from the Chief Customer Officer Exchange. She shares that the Chief Experience Officer title is new and that executives across the board should fully understand the value of experience vs. service. Service is being nice and following protocol. But to create a memorable experience is quite another thing. Lynn says that we are all continually creating memories and the question is- are they positive or are they negative? So the goal is to have the patient walk away from a serious healthcare experience with the most prominent memory being positive. Lynn says to make that happen- experience-thinking must be prevalent throughout the entire organization.
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Mark Buchanan joins us from the Chief Customer Officer Exchange where he shares that on his most recent journey- he and his team have collaborated with more than 10K globally distributed people in all kinds of different fields. There are more than 8K product skews meaning there’s an enormous range of jobs and expertise. As the organization has acquired over 180 different companies, on top of the unique people, there are different cultures with different approaches and world views. These are the fascinating problems and opportunities associated with completely changing a brand language from where it started at the Stanford technology help desk to where it is now- a truly global enterprise with all levels of technology acumen interacting with the brand.
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