Pre-conference Workshops: Wednesday, 16th October 2019

Workshop A

8:00 am - 10:00 am Identifying Commercial Opportunities and Turning Open Banking Into A Commercially Viable Product

In the Australian market the conversation is currently centering around how commercial value can be drawn from the new financial landscape of Open Banking. Most institutions are looking at how they will work with third parties to develop innovative new products and how the new relationships will impact internal strategy.

Here learn to identify opportunities for growth and innovation in customer product. Also how to work with TPPs and the first stages and challenges of becoming compliant

How you will benefit:
  • Hear lessons learned from preparing internal strategy to support Open Banking
  • Understand how to identify valuable partnerships with other institutions which will be lead to increased ROI and improved customer offerings
  • Understand how to detect opportunities to gain competitive advantage
  • Build a toolkit for then establishing tailored and compelling consumer propositions within a more competitive market
  • Discuss the possible obstacles which may be encountered when broadening the scope of customer propositions

Workshop B

10:30 am - 11:00 am Constructing An Infrastructure To Support Open Banking To Become A World Leader In The Open Banking Ecosystem

Jitendra Tekchandani - Head of Open Banking/APIs (Partnership & Program), DBS Singapore
While Open Banking will signal huge opportunity for the financial industry, there is also an assumption that sharing data will pose numerous threats to a business, be they security centered or the threat of increased competition in the field. However, these fears can be mitigated with a strategically planned data strategy and infrastructure. As Head of Open Banking at DBS Singapore, Jitendra has already begun rolling out Open Banking initiatives in the Asian market and here will be able to shed light upon the necessary steps to ensure data infrastructure, governance, culture and operations all align to create a high functioning Open Banking program within any regulatory environment.

How you will benefit:
  • Learn how to construct a robust data infrastructure that allows accelerated open banking transformation
  • Gain insights into governance: how to successfully comply with regulations while drawing value from OB
  • Strategies for culture: having a dedicated OB team and top-down advocacy
  • Adapting operations and team structures to support partners and collaborative relationships

Jitendra Tekchandani

Head of Open Banking/APIs (Partnership & Program)
DBS Singapore