Delivering Value-Based and Patient-Centred Care in the Connected Age

We are now in a connected age. Access to healthcare information is now widely available and this has drastically influence how modern patients perceive, engage and consume healthcare products and services. With the increase in demand for quality-for-value healthcare services, there is a paradigm shift towards delivering high value care that concentrates on patient experience.

Returning for a 2nd year, join our Patient Experience Asia Summit as we zoom in on 8 focused areas; ”Engaging the Digital Patient”, “Healthcare Digitalisation”, “Operational Excellence”, “Patient Experience Designs”, “Healthcare Personalisation”, “Patient Feedback & Insights”, “Patient-Centric Awareness” and “Patient Advocacy” – designed to offer you a 360 degree perspective as you work on delivering patient-centred care in your organisation.

2019 Patient Experience Asia Speakers

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Learn how you can design an outstanding patient-centric experience by leveraging on patient journey mapping, design thinking methodologies, and employee engagement

Find out how you can accelerate digitalisation in healthcare through centralised patient data system, operationalising EMR interoperability, and using automation for improved patient flow

Explore innovative ways to leverage AI and data analytics for personalised healthcare

Hear from patient support groups on their perspectives of patient-centric, value-based care

Be a part of Asia’s only event that offers a comprehensive coverage on patient experience


Key Themes

Roadmap to Value-Based and Patient-Centred Care

Digitalising Healthcare and Improving Operational Excellence to Enhance Healthcare Delivery

Designing the Patient Experience through VOC Programs, Human-Centred Designs and Omni-channel Interactions

Transform Health Outcomes with AI-Powered Personalisation and MedTech Innovations

Improving Patient Advocacy and Awareness Through Effective Collaboration with Physicians, Pharmaceutical Companies and Support Groups

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