03 - 04 December, 2019
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

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View the Full Event Outline for Ports Security and Modernisation Asia Summit 2019

With increasing threat and demand for digitalisation and maritime security-based products, today’s ports call for a wide range of security tools from up-to date security software, drone mitigation and management-level procedures, followed by layers of physical security to defend extant threats an ...

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[Free Report] The Future of Ports: Why smart and secure matter most

In today’s world, two characteristics make all the difference to the maritime port industry: the ability to operate smart and the capacity to secure informa ...

EVOLVE OR DISSOLVE? How future-proofing can secure the world’s ports

A big part of any port’s future success is its ability to maintain safety and order in its premises. But is there such thing as too much security? How canport security be increased without imperilling maritime commerce? We spoke with Mark Stainbrook, Chief of Polic ...

The Future of Ports - A glimpse into the state of Port Security

The performance of the world’s ports is largely dependent on events and issues that affect the world at large. These may range from age-old issues like environmental impact and economic trends, to newer challenges brought about by digitisation and globalisation like cyber attacks and malware. Suf ...

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[For Sponsors] EVOLVE OR DISSOLVE? How future-proofing can secure the world’s ports

In order to stay competitive, the port industry, just like every other business endeavour, must always be ready to progress with the changing times. The maritime industry is full of unique challenges that may be best categorised into two major types: digital and environmental.In a speech before the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference (SMTC)...

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Mega-Vessels, Mega Alliances and the Impact on Asia Port Planning

With the formation of new mega shipping alliances and construction of new mega-vessels, port developers are forced to either invest in expensive new infrastructure or risk being omitted from shipping routes. To learn more about the implications of these developments, we hear from Dr. Jonathan Beard, Global Lead Ports &...

3 Ways to Maximise the Operational Efficiency of Your Port

Increasing competition between ports in Southeast Asia is driving them to increase their efficiency, but how? To answer this question we spoke with Andy Lane, a Partner at CTI Consultancy, who explained the reason why ports tend to be inefficient and the 3 steps to transform their processes.

Robotic Automation of Marine Structure Maintenance

Today, ports develop maintenance plans based on estimates derived from manual inspections that yield a fraction of the total available data of the inspected structures. As a consequence, such estimates are at best educated guesses intended to develop maintenance plans for billions of dollars of assets and infrastructure. Engineers, cautious...

Speaker Interview with Francel Taborlupa, Chief Information Systems Management Division of Armed Forces of the Philippines

We spoke with Francel Taborlupa, Chief Information Systems Management Division of Armed Forces of the Philippines on Data and cyber security for ports.Download the interview content on the right>>

Speaker Interview with Mark Stainbrook Chief of Police/Vice President of Public Safety Port of San Diego

We spoke with Mark Stainbrook, Chief of Police/Vice President of Public Safety, Port of San Diego on Top Ports Security Issues and How to Navigate Them.Download the interview content on the right>>