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Creating Student-Centric Spaces: Leveraging Stakeholder Engagement Engagement to Design Innovative Student Accommodation

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit 2019, we speak with Scott Walker, Deputy Registrar of Accommodation Services at ANU. The piece will explore how ANU have worked to design and develop accommodation spaces driven by enhancing the student experience.

Student Accommodation Past Presentation Packet

In lead up to Student Accommodation 2019, we exclusively released a selection of past presentations from our 2018 event! Get your copy containing 70+ pages of insight from UNSW, University of Melbourne and Deakin University.

Developing Student-Friendly Spaces: Innovating Student Accommodation Design to Encourage On-Campus Living

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit, we speak to Cathy Denio Blake, Director of Campus Planning and Design at Stanford University, USA, one of the world’s leading research universities that houses 93% of its undergraduate students. Cathy will discuss Stanford’s major student accommodation project, which will provide housing to the 17,000 students currently enrolled. Cathy explores the importance of providing an enjoyable residential environment for students, encapsulating a community feel to improve overall student experience and remain competitive as the cost of living in the surrounding Silicon Valley area continues to rise.


Designing Competitive Student Accommodation: Leveraging Stakeholder Engagement to Drive Effective Project Delivery

Ahead of the Student Accommodation Summit 2019, Mick Serena, Managing Director at Strategic Asset & Facilities Management (SAFM) Solutions chats to us about the plans to transform Darwin into a bustling hub and how CDU’s move will help students better engage with the community. Mick, who is co-presenting with Meredith Parry, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of Operations at Charles Darwin University discusses the importance of effective stakeholder engagement throughout the project and the expected benefits of the move for the broader Darwin community.