Communal Spaces and Living Spaces: Battling the Under Supply and Affordability of Accommodation

In this presentation from the Student Accommodation Summit 2018 Ron De Haan, Director, Student Accommodation at the University of New South Wales explores;

  • Accommodation models that enable better shared spaces and facilities as an affordable solution for students
  • Overcoming the barriers to construction costs or planning restrictions with developers to continuously meet supply and affordability in the long term
  • Understanding what drives the international market in Australian universities to cater to expectations and what strategic plans Universities and accommodation providers should put in place to maintain commercial competitiveness

Expanding Deakin’s Residential Services and Student Experience

In this presentation from the Student Accommodation Summit 2018 Yonna Cowan, General Manager at Deakin Residential Services explores;

  • Features of the internal apartments and open recreational space that enhances student comfort
  • Meeting expectations: Creating a space that caters to all students
  • Working and communicating with the project team, stakeholders and communities to assist with responsibilities regarding the build and design