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View the Preliminary Agenda - Attractions, Amusement & Entertainment Development Asia 2020

2020 Key Themes Include:Investment Trends and Project Updates in AsiaThe Latest Technologies and Innovations for Enhancing Visitor Experience Access Next-Generation Visitors and Expand Market Outreach with Digital Marketing Digitalisation for Opera ...

Past Presentations

Read the Past Presentation - Planning, Developing and Operating Successful Attractions in Asia

Past presentation from Phil Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer, ITPA & Group Chief Commercial Officer, Themed Attractions Resorts & Hotels

Read the Past Presentation - Leveraging Modern Architecture and Space Planning to Enhance Visitor Experience

Past presentation from Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore

Read the Past Presentation - Developing Educational Entertainment with Integrated Learning Journeys

Past presentation from Leong Yue Weng, General Manager, Kidzania Singapore

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The State of Amusement and Theme Parks Industry in Southeast Asia Report

The amusement and theme parks industry has grown over the years with millions of people visiting the Asia Pacific region, particularly Southeast Asia, every year. So what are the reasons behind Southeast Asia’s astonishing growth? How competitive are amusement & theme parks in Southeast Asia? What are the trends and...

Why Southeast Asia is a viable market for theme park and attraction development

We spoke with Philip Whittaker, currently the Chief Commercial Officer and CEO - ITPA of Themed Attractions Resorts Hotels Sdn. Bhd. on the state of play in the theme and amusement park industry. What the emerging trends and opportunities are, key challenges and what business leaders should consider when investing...

How to make your theme park stand out from the crowd?

Amusement parks are renowned for going above and beyond to create fantastical worlds for visitors to enter into. But having all the frills mean nothing if operations do not run smoothly. The key to a successful park lies in the delivery of great customer experience via exceptional operational efficiency.  Without a...